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C.M.D.F. - Combined Miniature Defense Force, the secret government project that shrunk its agents to microscopic size so they could carry out top-secret assignments featured of the Saturday morning cartoon FANTASTIC VOYAGE/ABC/1968-70

Headquarters - Combinded Miniature Defense Force (C.M.D.F.) - FANTASTIC VOYAGE
Headquarters: Combined Miniature Defense Force (C.M.D.F.)

Headquarters: C.M.D.F.
(Combined Miniature Defense Force)
Project: Fantastic Voyage
Process: Miniaturization
Authority: Top Secret, Highest Clearance
  • Jonathan Kidd, Commander;
  • Guru, Master of mysterious powers
  • Erica Lane, Doctor, Biologist
  • Busby Birdwell, Scientist, Inventor, Builder of the Voyager
Mission: In their miniaturized form to combat the unseen, unsuspected enemies of freedom
Time Limit: 12 hours

-- Opening Narration by Ted Knight

The  C.M.D.F. operatives traveled in a miniaturized vessel called "Voyager" The crew included:

  • Jonathan Kidd (voice of Ted Knight);
  • Erica Stone (voice of Jane Webb)
  • Cosby Birdwell (voice Ted Knight)
  • The Guru (voice of Marvin Miller).

Crew of the Voyager - FANTASTIC VOYAGE
Crew of the Voyager

Miniaturization Machine - FANTASTIC VOYAGE
C.M.D.F. Miniaturization Machine

 Voyager on Miniaturization Platform - FANTASTIC VOYAGE
Voyager on C.M.D.F. Miniaturization Platform

TRIVIA NOTE: The TV series was based on the novel written by sci-fi author Isaac Asimov. In the movie Fantastic Voyage (1966), C.M.D.F. stood for "Combined Miniature Deterrent Forces," a government organization that miniaturized a full-size submarine named the "Proteus" to travel through the bloodstream of a Doctor Benes in an attempt to eliminate his blood clot.

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