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INTERSECT - International Security Technics, a fictional government think-tank responsible for carrying out top-secret assignments on the espionage adventure GEMINI MAN/NBC/1976.


The members of INTERSECT included:

  • Ben Murphy as Sam Casey
  • William Sylvester as Leonard Driscoll
  • Katherine Crawford as Abagail "Abby" Lawrence

Sam Casey, one of INTERSECT's chief operatives had a very special ability. Due to a radiation overdose from an underwater explosion, Sam's DNA molecular structure was altered, giving his body the power of invisibility.

However, he could only fade out for 15 minutes every 24 hours. Any longer and he would be invisible for good. To monitor his prescribed 15 minute periods of invisibility, Sam used a wrist watch with a digital display (a "DNA Stabilzier") to monitor his progress.

Ben Murphy as Sam Casey - THE GEMINI MAN
Agent Sam Casey

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