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Night Watchmen - The nickname of a group vigilantes on the legal adventure DARK JUSTICE/CBS/1991-94.

Title Credit - DARK JUSTICE

The Night Watchmen was headed by Judge Nicholas Marshall (Ramy Zada/Bruce Abbott), a district attorney-turned-judge who was disenchanted with the legal system.

When his wife and child were killed by a car bomb meant for him and the perpetrator got off scot-free, the Judge formed the Night Watchmen. As the judge said, "Justice may be blind but it can see in the dark."

"As a cop I lost my collars to legal loopholes. But I believed in the system. As a D.A. I lost my cases to crooked lawyers. But I believed in the system. As a judge my hands were bound by the letter of the law. But I believed in the system....until it took my life away. And then I stopped believing in the system and started believing in justice." - Judge Marshall

Group members who helped the judge get those criminals who got off on "legal technicalities" included:

  • Catalana "Cat" Duran (Begona Plaza), an enchantress
  • Jericho "Gibs" Gibson (Clayton Prince), a special effects expert
  • Arnold "Moon" Willis (Dick O'Neil), a former forger and counterfeiter
  • Maria Marti (Viviane Vives), an Interpol agent who replaced Cat after she was killed in gunfight.

Members of the Night Watchmen - DARK JUSTICE
The Night Watchmen

Outsiders who eventually discovered the group and joined forces were Kelly Cochran (Janet Gunn), a private detective; and Tara McDonald (Carrie Anne Moss), the Judge's new secretary and love interest.

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