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Cybernaut Watch - Hi-tech watch used by the Cybernauts (killer robots with white skin and blank, expressionless faces) seen on episodes of the espionage series THE AVENGERS/ABC/1966-69 and THE NEW AVENGERS/CBS/SYN/1976.

Steed and Emma with Cybernaut - THE AVENGERS
John and Emma examine a watch that controls the Cybernaut

On the episode "Return of the Cybernauts: In which Steed pulls some strings - and Emma becomes a puppet," Dr. Paul Beresford (Peter Cushing), the brother of Dr. Armstrong (the deceased creator of the Cybernauts) devised a plan to kill both Steed and Mrs. Peel by capturing scientists to assist him in his deadly plot.

Reluctantly, one of the scientists designed a watch which turned its wearer into a puppet to be controlled by Dr. Beresford. Emma Peel donned one of these watches and consequently attempted to kill Steed. Steed, however, managed to place one of these watches onto a Cybernaut which ran amok and killed Beresford.

Mrs. Peel Controlled by Cybernaut Watch
Mrs. Peel under the Control of a Cybernaut Watch

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