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Grandfather Clock - Talking grandfather clock that lived in the Treasure House on the long-running CBS children's series CAPTAIN KANGAROO/CBS/1955-84.

Captain Kangaroo and Grandfather Clock

Sometime during each episode, the Captain needed the answer to a question and said to his viewers "Let's ask Grandfather", who was usually sleeping.

With the help of his young viewers, Captain Kangaroo instructed the kids at home, "Shhhh….(Tip toe, tip toe, tip toe) “All together now: One, two, three…”WAKE UP, GRANDFATHER!!!

Roused from his sleep by the noise, the venerable timepiece rapidly blinked his sleepy eyes open and then greeted the Captain and his friends.

After a minute or so of rhymed conversation (usually a recitation of a poem), Grandfather Clock nodded off to sleep again. Cosmo "Gus" Allegretti provided the voice to the Grandfather Clock character.

When the CAPTAIN KANGAROO show was cancelled in 1984, many of the props on the set were simply discarded without any concern for their possible historical value.

David E. Powell, a former CBS News employee chronicled this fact in part of his article entitled "Mornings with the Captain (1/27/2004) written for National Review Online:

"Not long afterward I arrived for work one day to see an old friend amid the trash at the Broadcast Center loading dock. It was Grandfather Clock. I wrestled him out of the other pieces of the Captain Kangaroo set that were to be carted to the dump. I dragged him aside, and then spent a little while trying to get someone at CBS to recognize that he was an important TV-historical artifact, which I finally succeeded in doing. Grandfather Clock was unwanted and abandoned because, sadly, Captain Kangaroo had been canceled a few months earlier."

Produced by Saban Entertainment, a new Grandfather Clock returned to TV on the Fox Family Channel with the short-lived revival THE NEW CAPTAIN KANGAROO SHOW/FFC/1997 starring John McDonough as the Captain.

In the tradition of the old show, the Grandfather Clock character still shares rhymes and riddles (and occasionally speaks in French and Spanish) with a segment called "Finish My Rhyme."

Grandfather Clock - Buster Brown Punch Out Assembly Kit Premium


1956 Buster Brown Premium - Keeshan- Miller Enterprises
8.25" x 11.25" Punch-out Assembly Panel that makes a replica of Grandfather Clock seen on the Captain Kangaroo program on CBS. Click image to enlarge.

One of the sets from THE NEW CAPTAIN KANGAROO SHOW aired in 1997. In the background, you can see the newest reincarnation of Grandfather Clock. Click image to enlarge.

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