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Thomas the Tank Engine - Train character featured on the five-minute children's show called THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE AND FRIENDS.

Thomas the Tank Engine

First produced in England in 1982, the series featured life-like model trains with personality and problems of their own.

In 1989, PBS network produced an expanded live-action version of the British series called SHINING TIME STATION (1989-1993) that featured the Thomas the Tank Engine animations. The show was set at Shining Time Station, a part of the Indian Valley Railroad.

Former Beatle, Ringo Starr (and later George Carlin in 1992) appeared as a tiny train conductor known as Mr. Conductor who lived in a painting in an enchanted train station.


The American adaption also included:

  • Didi Conn as Stacey Jones, the station manager
  • Brian O'Connor as Schemer, arcade owner
  • Leonard Jackson as Harry Cupper, engineer & mechanic
  • Nicole Leach as Tanya
  • Jason Wolimer as Matt
  • Rusty the train (featured in the video Rusty to the Rescue & Other Thomas Stories who debuted in January of 1995).

Thomas the Tank Engine

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