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Union Pacific - Frontier train featured on the western adventure UNION PACIFIC/SYN/1958.


The series followed the story of Bart McClelland (Jeff Morrow), a railroad supervisor for the Union Pacific. Based in Dale, Wyoming in the late 1800s, Bart was charged with completing the railroad line between Omaha and Cheyenne.

His colleagues included:

  • Judd Pratt as Bill Kincaid, chief surveyor
  • Susan Cummings as Georgia, the operator of the Golden Nugget Saloon, a camp-following dance hall set inside a railroad car.
TRIVIA NOTE: The series was loosely based on the film Union Pacific (1939) directed by Cecil B. DeMille.

Union Pacific 1939 Movie Poster

When Ricky Ricardo's offer to star in the MGM film version of Don Juan was shelved (during the 1954-55 season of I LOVE LUCY), he left the Beverly Palms Hotel in Hollywood and returned East to New York with his family and friends on Union Pacific Engine No. 997. The travelers stayed in trains 104, 107, and 108. When they arrived in New York, they took a Globe Cab to their apartments.

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