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The Adventures of
Pow Wow


5 Minutes

Pow Wow, the Indian boy was featured on a series of moralistic stories telecast during the 1950s on the morning children's program CAPTAIN KANGAROO/CBS/1955-84.

Many of the tales were based on Indian folklore, such as the fables "How the Fox Got His White-Tipped Tale", "Pow Wow and the Stork", "How the Rabbit Got His Hop", "Pow Wow and Playing Possum", and "How the Turtle Got His Shell".

While watching each episode, the viewers experienced along with Pop Wow how to solve life's problems. Often, assisted by a wise Medicine Man, who gave Pow Wow sage council, the Indian boy learned about his responsibilities to his tribe and the wilderness.

Medicine Man and Pow Wow - THE ADVENTURES OF POW WOW

Listen to Theme Lyrics

Theme Song Lyrics

"Pow Wow, the Indian boy
Loved all the animals and the woods
Pow Wow, the Indian boy
Loved all the animals and the woods
Pow Wow was a friend
Of all the animals in the woods
If there was any trouble
He would help them if he could
If Pow Wow couldn't help them
He would go to the Medicine Man
And he would tell them stories
Just how it all began, all began, all began.

Yes, Pow Wow loved all the animals in the woods. His adventures involved such creatures as Frog, Grasshopper, Ruffy Rabbit,  Lucky Duck, Turtle, Burro, Vagabond Mouse, Eagle, the Beaver Boys, Percy Pelican, Fox, Stork, Burly Bear, Kangaroo Mouse, Giant Crow, Phantom Pony and Buffalo.

Once, Pow Wow ran off with Ruffy Rabbit who promised him a life of leisure, ice cream and fun.





Just when he got ready to go fishing. Ma had a lot of chores for him to do.
"Work work work. That's all I do." muttered Pow Wow. "One of these days I'll leave home and she'll be sorry she made me work so hard."
"You're a sucker for working so hard," said Ruffy.
Ruffy told Pow Wow he should come with him and he'd never have to work again. "Just imagine," said Ruffy, "you can have all the ice cream you can eat. Like horse back riding? And how about apples?  Boy, Oh Boy,  I'll show you apples as big as your ear. You may not believe it but I've got a spot where you can catch more fish in ten minutes than you can shake a pole at. And there are lollipops. All flavors, too."

Well, after listening to all that sweet talk, Pow Wow decided to go with Ruffy.

But Ruffy Rabbit took advantage of Pow Wow and made him do all the work along their journey, even more work than his mother ever gave him. Suddenly, the Indian Boy realized he had been foolish for leaving home and returned to his village where he finished his chores and finally got to go fishing.

In other adventures, Pow Wow the Indian Boy:

  • Builds a Canoe
  • Goes on a Treasure Hunt
  • Jumps on a Pogo Stick
  • Sees a Flying Saucer
  • Walks in Magic Moccasins
  • Becomes a Junior Medicine Man
  • Experiences a Tornado
  • Has a Baby Sitter
  • Sees a Shooting Star
  • Learns about Fire
  • Goes on a Picnic
  • Uses Magic Powder
  • Plays with a Magic Spigot
  • Goes on a Uranium Hunt

TRIVIA NOTE: Directed by Sam Singer, The Adventures of Pow Wow first appeared from January 30, 1949 through March 13, 1949 as a local 15 minute Sunday morning program on New York's WNBT-TV. In  1956, the  series (produced by Tempe-Toons & syndicated by Screen Gems) was shown as 52 five minute black and white films on CBS-TVs kids program CAPTAIN KANGAROO and then went into syndication 1n 1958.

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