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Best of the West


ABC Network
1981 - 1982
Comedy (Spoof)
30 Minutes

Joel Higgins starred as Sam Best, a "decent, honest, man of principle" from Philadelphia who moved west in 1865 to become the operator of a general store in the squalid frontier town of Copper Creek, Montana..

Along for the ride was his addled Southern Belle wife, Elvira (Carlene Watkins) whom he met while burning down her family plantation during the Civil War and Daniel (Meeno Peluce), his smart-mouthed, homesick ten-year-old son. 

Joel Higgins as Marshall Sam Best - BEST OF THE WEST

Soon after Sam arrives in town, he is elected Marshal when he accidentally chases The Calico Kid out of town. He reluctantly agrees to maintain peace and order for the community despite the fact that he was just a tenderfoot and not that good with a gun.

The citizens of Cooper Creek included:

  • Leonard Frey as Parker Tillman, the sinister proprietor of the Square Deal  Saloon who owns most of the town
  • Tracey Walker as Frog Rothchild, Jr., Parker's slow-witted but kind-hearted henchman
  • Christopher Lloyd as The Calico Kid, an inept gunfighter
  • Tome Ewell as Jerome "Doc" Kullens, a drunkard
  • Valri Bromfield as Laney Gibbs, a smelly mountain woman
  • Macom McCalman as Mayor Fletcher
  • Andy Griffith as Lamont Devereaux
  • Eve Brent Ashe as Llily Devereaux
  • Pay Ast as Rudy


Listen to Theme Song

Theme Song Lyrics

In days of yore in western lore
A man returned from Civil War
His heart beat pure beneath his vest
His name was Best, Best of the West

But not alone did he come home
His new found bride was at his side
And with his boy who did protest
They all came west to live with Best

Yippy Ki Yi Oh
Yippy Ki Yi Ey
Give three mighty cheers
Yippy Ki Yi Oh
Yippy Ki Yi Ey
For the western pioneers

And off they rode this family
As man and wife, his boy makes three
Its through their deeds this land progressed
Hooray for Best, Best of the West

Obituaries: Leonard Frey: 08/24/1988; Tom Ewell: 09/12/1994

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