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Bret Maverick


NBC Network
1981 - 1982
60 Minutes

Revival of the classic 1950s western series MAVERICK starring James Garner in his original role of frontier gambler, Bret Maverick ("20 years older and 40 years wiser") now living near the town of Sweetwater, Arizona on the Lazy Ace Ranch. Cy Whitaker (Richard Hamilton), a cranky old coot, was the ranch's caretaker.

In town, Bret was the co-owner of the Red Ox Saloon. His partner was Tom Guthrie (Ed Bruce), the town's former sheriff. Bret won both his saloon and his ranch in a card game.

Other citizens in the town of Sweetwater included:

  • John Shearin as Sheriff Michael Dowd, who deposed Tom Guthrie in the last election.
  • Tommy Bush as Deputy Sturgess, Michael's dim-witted aid
  • Darleen Carr as Mary Lou Springer, the photographer/editor at the town's newspaper (The Territorian)
  • Priscilla Morrill as Mrs. Springer, Marie Lou's mother/assistant
  • David Knell as Rodney Catlow, the newspaper's young apprentice printer
  • Ramon Bieri as Mr. Elijah Crow, the local banker
  • Norman Merrill, Jr. as the bank teller
  • Luis Delgado as Shifty Delgado, dealer at the Red Ox Saloon
  • Stuart Margolin as Philo Sandine, Indian Scout and con-artist. The local Comanche Indians call him "Standing Bear."
  • Jack Garner as Jack, the bartender at the Red Ox Saloon
  • Marj Dusay as Kate Hanrahan, the owner of the Klondike Room Gambling Hall
  • Simone Griffeth as Jasmine DuBois

Notable figures to visit Sweetwater included: Congressman Theodore Roosevelt (William Hootkins), Apache Chief Geronimo (Ray Tracey), gambler/gunfighter Doc Holliday (John McLiam), and frontier outlaw Billy the Kid (Glenn Withrow).

Screen Shots from Series Opening
James Garner as Bret Maverick - BRET MAVERICK
Ed Bruce as Tom Guthrie - BRET MAVERICK
Ramon Bieri as Elija Crow - BRET MAVERICK
Richard Hamilton as Cy Whitaker - BRET MAVERICK
John Shearin as Sheriff Michael Dowd - BRET MAVERICK
David Knell as Rodney Catlow - BRET MAVERICK
Darleen Carr as Mary Lou Springer - BRET MAVERICK
Citizens of Sweetwater, Arizona - BRET MAVERICK
James Garner as Bret Maverick - BRET MAVERICK

Theme Song Lyrics

Too many dusty trail towns, too few and far between
Tired saloons with sawdust-covered floors
Too many one more showdowns and aces over queens
Winning's just a way of keeping score

- Chorus -

My ole pappy always told me your fate is in your hand
Stand pat or draw, it's yours to choose
Luck don't have a thing to do with how you play the game
Maverick didn't come here to lose
Maverick didn't come here to lose
Maverick didn't come here to lose

TRIVIA NOTE:  Country-western singer Ed Bruce (who played ex-sheriff Tom Guthrie on the show) sang the series theme song "Maverick Didn't Come Here to Lose" (co-written by Ed Bruce, Patsy Bruce and Glenn Ray). See also "Maverick" and "Young Maverick"

Obituaries: Richard Hamilton:12/21/2004; Ramon Bieri: 05/27/2001; Priscilla Morrill 11/09/1994.

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