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CBS Network
1994 - 1995
60 Minutes

Set in the Appalachian community of Cutter Gap, Tennessee in the year 1912, the series followed the trials and tribulations of an idealistic nineteen-year-old schoolteacher named Christy Huddleston (Kellie Martin) who moved from her comfortable life in Asheville, Tennessee to teach the underprivileged at a remote missionary school with the aide of her strong-willed mentor, Miss Alice Henderson (Tyne Daly). 

Kellie Martin as Christy Huddleston - CHRISTY
Christy Huddleston

Tyne Daly as Miss Alice Henderson - CHRISTY
Miss Alice Henderson

Although surrounded by the love of many of the students in her school, Christy was lonely. Her need for personal love was fulfilled, in part, by two local men who vied for her affections. The first was Dr. Neil MacNeill, a rugged yet mysterious Scottish physician who was Alice's son-in law. The other was David Grantland, a local preacher.

Rivals NEIL and DAVID who both love Christy Huddleston - CHRISTY
Neil and David - Christy's Rivals

In between the romantic rivalry, however, Christy devoted herself to educating the children of Cutter Gap. Her students came from varied background but all were poor and needed attention and love which Christy supplied generously. One of her standout students was a red-haired girl name Rudy Mae Morrison. 

The School Children of Cutter Gap, Tennessee - CHRISTY
Christy's School Children

Besides the poverty and loneliness, Christy had to contend with other problems like ignorant parents who resisted giving their children an education, town folk who were suspicious of outsiders, and outbreaks of disease like typhoid. But through it all, Christy maintained her sanity, and provided hope and stability for her students, and others in the community.

Thee citizens of Cutter Gap included:

  • Stewart Finlay McLennan as Dr. Neil MacNeill
  • Susan Diol as Margaret Henderson MacNeill
  • Randall Batinkoff as Rev. David Grantland, Christy's financé
  • Annabella Price as Ida Grantland, David's sister
  • Emily Schulman as Ruby Mae Morrison
  • Tess Harper as Fairlight Spencer
  • Bruce McKinnon as Jeb Spencer
  • Sam Tyler-Wayman as John Spencer
  • Katie Duckett as Lulu Spencer
  • Jenny Krochmal as Zady Spencer
  • Katie Goins as Clara Spencer
  • Andy Nichols as Little Burl Allen
  • Roger Bright as Ault Allen
  • Clay Jeter as Creed Allen
  • Jack Landry as Rob Allen
  • Bonita Allen as Mary Allen
  • Jeffrey Buckner Ford as Bob Allen
  • Kyle Hudgens as Sam Houston Holcombe (His dog is named Singer Lee)
  • Emily Schaeffer as Lizette Holcombe
  • Mac Pirkle as John Holcombe
  • Alyssa Hmielewski as Mountie O'Teale
  • David Lambert as Orter Ball O'Teale
  • Kelley Clark as Becky O'Teale
  • Collin Wilcox Paxton as Swannie O'Teale
  • Frank Hoyt Taylor as Uncle Bogg
  • Chelcie Ross as Ben Pentland
  • LeVar Burton as Daniel Scott
  • Trip Cogburn as Isaak McHone
  • Andy Stahl as Tom McHone
  • Dale Dickey as Opal McHone
  • Caleb Gregory as Vincent McHone
  • Scott Michael Campbell as Lundy Taylor, Teenager
  • Mike Hickman as Bird's Eye Taylor, Lundy's father
  • Judy Collins as Hattie McCabe
  • Jayson DeButy as Zack Holt
  • Kristin Goode as Becky Holt
  • Sally Smithwick as Bessie Coburn
  • Don Henderson Baker as Kyle Coburn
  • Helen Bragdon as Granny Barclay

Cast of CBS Series CHRISTY
Tess, Christy, David, Alice, Neil and Ruby Mae

TRIVIA NOTE: The series is based on Catherine Marshal's 1967 novel "Christy."

New cast for the PAX produced version of CHRISTY (TV Movies)
PAX Series Cast

PAX television station produced a continuation of the popular CBS series in 2000 with Lauren Lee Smith in the title role as Christy Huddleston, Diane Ladd as Miss Alice Henderson, Olivia Kelly as Ruby Mae Morrison, Ingrid Torrance as Fairlight Spencer (who dies of Typhoid fever), and James Waterston as Rev. David Grantland.

The series consisted of three TV Movies, including: "Christy: Return to Cutter Gap" (2000); "Christy: A New Beginning" (2001); and "Christy: A Change of Seasons" (2001).

In this series, Christy married Dr. Neil MacNeill (still played by Stewart Finlay McLennan). Sheila Moore portrayed the role of an older Christy as she reminisced about her younger days in Cutter Gap.

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