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Cowboy G-Men

Title Card - COWBOY G-MEN

1952 - 1953
30 Minutes

Set in the 1880s, this western adventure starred Russell Hayden as Pat Gallagher and Jackie Coogan as Stoney Crockett, two government agents who maintained law and order in the Old West.  Another agent named Zerbo (Phil Arnold) occasionally interacted with our heroes.

When ever our G-Men began an investigation, one of them traveled ahead to the trouble point and did a little undercover investigation, then the other member arrived and together, they defeated their foes.

Russell Hayden and Jackie Coogan - COWBOY G-MEN

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Here is a list of G-Men adventures:

  • Go to the Ozarks to recover stolen bullion
  • Help Chinese miners in California from racists.
  • Search for double-dealing wolf hide traders.
  • Help Chippewa's thwart crooked lumbermen.
  • Stop a veterinarian from spreading anthrax.
  • Investigate a malaria epidemic in Mexico.
  • Investigate a military payroll ambush.
  • Track a trail of counterfeit bank money.
  • Help a man accused of salting mines.
  • Battle a gang of  hooded vigilantes in Utah/Arizona.
  • Protect the location of a prospector's gold mine.
  • Investigate a fraudulent reward scheme.
  • Thwart a plan to fix a legal lottery in Washington.
  • Investigate a post office insurance swindle.
  • Protect a Federal judge threatened by bandits.
  • Put the kibosh on a safecracking team.
  • Check diluted silver shipments at the Denver Mint.
  • Ordered to clean up a town of bandits.
  • Investigate an irrigation project and a murder plot.
  • Investigate a million dollar silver swindle.
  • Investigate a mail fraud ring in a ghost town.
  • Track stolen Indian trading post supplies.
  • Impersonate an outlaw to retrieve stolen gold.
  • Track a fugitive and avoid a quicksand trap.
  • Prevent the theft of underwater explosive formula.
  • Help a Mayor bring law and order to Nugget City.
  • Track counterfeit gold bond forgers to Texas.
  • Thwart the counterfeit plans of a lady saloonkeeper.


TRIVIA NOTE: The 39 episode series was based on an original story by Henry B. Donovan.

Obituaries: Russell Hayden: 06/09/1981; Jackie Coogan: 03/01/1984; Phil Arnold: 05/09/1968.

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