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Go Go Gophers

Title Card - GO GO GOPHERS

NBC Network
1964 - 1966
Cartoon Comedy
10 Minutes

A tribe of native American gopher Indians living in Gopher Gulch in the 1860s. The main Indians were Chief Ruffled Feather (Sandy Becker) and Running Board (George S. Irving), two buck-toothed gopher Indians.

They were in constant conflict with the blundering Sergeant Okey Homa (Sandy Becker) and the blustery Colonel Kit Coyote (Kenny Delmar), the local cavalry fort commander who wanted to eradicate the gophers population from the western frontier.


Meanwhile, the gophers sabotaged the fort, the railroad and the telegraphs lines into the Colonel's headquarters.

Kit Coyote and Go Go Gophers

TRIVIA NOTE: GO GO GOPHERS/CBS/1968 originally aired as part of UNDERDOG/NBC/1964-66. The other cartoon segment on the show was entitled KLONDIKE CAT about a feline Canadian Mountie who chased a criminal mouse called Savoir Faire whose catchphrase was "Savoir Faire is everywhere!"

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