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Gun Shy

Title Card - GUN SHY

CBS Network
30 Minutes

Set in the 1869 town of Quake City, California, this western comedy follows the life and struggles of Russell Donovan (Barry Van Dyke), a frontier gambler who had the misfortune of winning two orphaned children in a card game.

The kids in Donovan's care included:

  • Keith Mitchell/Adam Rich as Clovis

  • Bridgette Anderson as Celia

Besides the orphans, Donovan also had to worry about the antics to two bumbling would-be outlaws outlaws named Theodore (Tim Thomerson) and Amos (Geoffrey Lewis) who were always messy up and getting Donovan involved in their mishaps.

Other folks in town included Homer McCoy (Henry Jones), the town barber/sheriff, Netty McCoy (Janis Paige), Homer's ex-wife and hotel owner, and Colonel Mound (Pat McCormick), the stagecoach line operator.

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TRIVIA NOTE: The series is based on the Disney films The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975), The Apple Dumpling Gang Strikes Again (1979) and the TV movie Tales of the Apple Dumpling Gang (1982).

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