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The Guns of
Will Sonnett


ABC Network
1967 - 1969
30 Minutes

Walter Brennan starred as Will Sonnett, a tough, ex-cavalry scout wandering the Wyoming Territory of the 1880s with his grandson Jeff Sonnett (Dack Rambo) in search of the boy's father, who had left his son some 20 years earlier. Jeff's mother died in childbirth.

Will Sonnett taught his son, Jim how to use a gun so his own skills as a sharp-shooter were impressive. Whenever his abilities came in to question, he just told those who doubted him, "No brag, just fact."

Grandson, Jeff Sonnett got inspired to look for his father when a traveling show (Packing Peter Pun) arrived in town, claiming to have guns from famous gunslingers. including one owned by his father, Jim Sonnett (Jason Evers) whom the show's barker called "the most famous gunman in the West."

During their quest to find Jim Sonnett, Will (who rode a horse named Marauder) and Jeff met people who were for and against the man. Some thought him honorable while others, usually the ones who felt the pain of Jim's lightning draw held grudges, like a  man (Claude Akins) who lost an arm in a gunfight with the frontier gunslinger.

"The man we seek is a gunman
Who left no trail behind
The man we seek is father and son
And a man we both have to find.

To some folk James was a devil
To some he was gentle and kind
But to Jeff and me he's father and son
The man we both have to find"
(Will's voiceover at the end of the first episode)

Eventually, Will and Jeff reunited with Jim and together they became lawmen in a small town with Will as the Marshall and his grandson and son as deputies. Now there was a town you didn't want to mess with. As Will would say "No brag, just fact."

Screen  Captures - Opening Credits of THE GUNS OF WILL SONNETT
Walter Brennan - Opening Credits - THE GUNS OF WILL SONNETT
Dack Rambo - Opening Credits - THE GUNS OF WILL SONNETT
Logo - Opening Credits - THE GUNS OF WILL SONNETT

Listen to Series Intro

Opening Narration

We searched for a man named Jim Sonnett.
And the legends folks tell may be true.
Most call him gunman and killer.
He’s my son, who I hardly knew.

I raised Jim’s boy from the cradle,
'Till the day he said to me,
 "I have to go find my father."
And I reckon that’s how it should be.
So we ride, Jim’s boy and me.

TRIVIA NOTE: Walter Brennan was a veteran of the western movie genre having appeared with such cowboy greats as Jimmy Stewart in The Far Country (1954) and John Wayne in Rio Bravo(1959).

In 1970, Brennan was inducted in to the "Hall of Great Western Performers" at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.

He died of of emphysema at the age of  80. He was born in 1894.

Dack Rambo died of AIDS at the age of 53. Jason Evers passed away from heart failure at the age of 83.

Obituaries: Walter Brennan: 09/21/1974; Dack Rambo: 03/21/1994; Jason Evers: 03/13/2005.

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