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Richard Taeger starred as Hondo Lane, an ex-Confederate soldier who worked as a scout and troubleshooter for the US Army in the Arizona Territory of the 1870s.

At the end of the Civil War, Hondo wandered West and fell in love with the daughter of Chief Vitorro. Unfortunately, she was killed in a massacre conducted by the army.

In an effort to avert further bloodshed, Hondo became a scout with the US Cavalry and used his experiences with the Apaches to maintain peaceful relations in the region. Hondo's canine companion, Sam followed his master wherever he roamed.

Ralph Taeger as HONDO

Sam the Dog - HONDO
Sam the Dog

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Hondo and his dog, Sam met many people on their treks across the Southwest. They included:


  • Gary Clarke as Capt. Richards, stationed at Fort Lowell.
  • William Bryant as Col. Crook
  • James Beck as Sergeant Highton
  • Ed McCready as Sergeant Hurst
  • John Pickard as Lieutenant
  • Willard Sage as Sgt. Able
  • Gary Crosby as Sgt. Tim Bixby
  • Forrest Tucker as Colonel William Quantrill, Hondo's former commander in the War between the States. (The actual William Quantrill was killed in an Army ambush in 1865.)

Native Americans

  • Michael Pate as Chief Vittoro
  • Iron Eyes Cody as Chief
  • Tony Epper as Running Bear


  • Noah Beery Jr. as Buffalo Baker, a cavalry scout
  • Kathie Browne as Angie Dow, Hondo's romantic interest wh originally lived in Boston.
  • Buddy Foster as Johnny Dow, Angie's nine-year-old son.
  • Ben Wright as Dr. Paul. the local physician
  • Glenn Langan as Victor Tribolet
  • Steven Marlo as Reese
  • Stan Barrett as Del Harker
  • William 'Billy' Benedict as Willie
  • Jim Davis as Krantz
  • John Smith as Ed Dow
  • Nick Adams as Apache Kid, a frontier outlaw
  • Randy Boone as Sean
  • James Chandler as Matt
  • Jamie Farr as John-Choo
  • Victor Lundin as Silva
  • Michael Rennie as Tribolet
  • Roy N. Sickner as Cox
  • Robert Taylor as Gallagher

Here are some of Hondo's many adventures:

  • Hondo helps when a Captain blames Indians for a mine attack.
  • Hondo meets the Apache Kid, a charming but vicious outlaw who later escapes and terrorizes a frontier couple.
  • Hondo comes to the aid of his former Confederate comrades, including Jesse James, Frank James, Johnny Ringo, Jim and Cole Younger, and Colonel William Quantrill, the leader of the guerilla raiders.
  • Hondo tries to raise a ransom for Angie who is held hostage by the Commancheros.
  • Hondo attempts to delivered sheep to starving Indians.
  • Hondo intervenes to prove a soldier did not kill a priest.
  • Hondo races to save Sam from a dogfight promoter.
  • Hondo cares for a sick newborn while handling a bandit and a greedy Indian chief.

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was based on the story Hondo (1953) by Louis L'Amour and the movie adaptation Hondo (1953) starring John Wayne.

Obituaries: Noah Berry, Jr.: 11/01/1994; Kathie Browne: :04/08/2003; Michael Pate: 09/01/2008; William Bryant: 06/26/201

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