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Hotel de Paree


CBS Network
1959 - 1960
30 Minutes

This western series followed the guests and employees of the Hotel de Paree, an elegant European style hotel located in the 1870s town of Georgetown, Colorado.

The Hotel was operated by two attractive French females, Annette Devereaux (Jeanette Nolan) and her niece, Monique (Judi Meredith) who was the most romantically active of the two women. She  managed to get two wonderful (but failed) proposals of marriage. The first from a man she met in France who turned out to be an ex-convict; and the second from Booth (Edward Kemmer), a handsome Marine Lieutenant.

Monique says, 'Welcome to the Hotel De Paree'

The security  force at the Hotel de Paree was the Sundance Kid (Earl Holliman),  a legendary gunslinger turned law enforcer. When he killed a bad guy who was causing trouble in town, he was offered the job of marshal and a partnership in the Hotel de Paree.

Ironically, Sundance was sent to prison for 17 years for accidentally killing one of  the Devereaux's relatives. But when he arrived in town, they needed help with the hotel and he needed a place to hang his hat, so they joined forces in a strange bedfellows kind of way.

And although business partners, Sundance didn't fail to notice the beauty of his two charming female companions and often found time for flirtation. Monique was Sundance's romantic interest.

Earl Holliman as The Sundance Kid - HOTEL DE PAREE

Born in Tombstone, Arizona, Sundance likes to whittle and has a dog that he calls Useless.

To maximize his advantage in a gunfight, Sundance wore a black Stetson hat adorned with small mirrors that reflected sunlight into his opponents eyes during a shootout. Sundance's choice of weapon is a Colt. 45 which he used only when necessary.

Other folks in town included:

  • Strother Martin as Aaron Donager, the storekeeper who is  sweet on Miss Annette, with whom he plays chess.
  • Jacques Aubuchon as Harry Holcombe, an old prospector that Sundance hires to be the night clerk at the hotel..
  • Jerome Cowan as Colonel Partington, a hero of the Indians War who runs for political office in Georgetown.
  • Karl Swenson as Jed Holmes, an elderly marshal.
  • Patricia Breslin as Ellie, an alcoholic who gets a job as a waitress at the hotel with the help of Sundance.
  • James Barton as Cully Jackson, an old prospector who has high hopes of striking it rich one day.

When Sundance was not hanging out at the Hotel, he found time for his own adventures which included:

  • A man beaten by a gang promises to share his ore strike with Sundance, if he will help mine the ore.
  • Sundance's friend Aaron testifies in a murder trial and later receives a hanging threat from friends of the murderer.
  • Sundance's town is inundated with a sudden crime wave.
  • Sundance keeps a promise he made to a dying-convict, namely, find the man who framed his friend for murder.
  • The money from Sundance's boxing match disappears.
  • Sundance must handle a gunman who beat/robbed a miner.
  • Sundance searches for a trapper lost in a winter blizzard.
  • Gunmen menaces a  town marshal and Sundance intervenes.
  • A Denver women arrives in town and reminds Sundance of a little matter concerning his promise to marry her
  • A bandit helps Sundance who got bit by a rattlesnake.
  • Sundance battles a crazed killer who terrorizes the town..
  • Sundance helps an old friend pursued by a bounty hunter.
  • Sundance wins a piece of land in a poker game that turns out to be as useless as his dog.


TRIVIA NOTE: Earl Holliman is most remembered as a police officer on the NBC cop drama POLICE WOMAN. He played Lt. Bill Crowley of the LAPD who coordinated the operations of a vice squad.

Obituaries: Jeanette Nolan: 06/05/1998; Strother Martin; 08/01/1980;

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