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Jefferson Drum


NBC Network
1958 - 1959
30 Minutes

Jeff Richards starred as Jefferson Drum, a crusading Old West newspaper editor living in the 1850s mining town of Jubilee. He was assisted by Lucius Coin (Cyril Delavanti), the town typesetter and printer. They published The Star, formerly owned by Mr. Harrison, who was murdered.

Before Drum arrived in Jubilee he ran another newspaper in San Francisco, but one day, vandals burned his establishment and killed his wife. And so, with his young son, Joey (Eugene Martin) Jefferson set out to find a new life.

Jeff Richards as JEFFERSON DRUM

A typical day in the life of this newspaperman included receiving a death threats from people who didn't like one of his stories, being shot at or wounded when coming to the aid of someone in distress, held for hostage by a bank robber who escaped jail, or deputized to track down a man who mortally wounded a marshal.

While Jefferson believes that the pen is mightier that the sword, he is not aversed to strapping on a shooting iron if the situation warranted it, especially if his actions helped make the town safer for his son.

Other folks in Jubilee included:

  • Robert J. Stevenson as Big Ed, the local bartender.
  • Hal Smith as Hickey
  • Robert Foulk as Haw
  • Harry Hickox as Sam Dorritt
  • Barbara Stuart as Ellie

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was also known as THE PEN AND THE QUILL.

Obituaries: Jeff Richards: 07/28/1989; Cyril Delavanti: 12/13/1975;  Hal Smith: 01/28/1994; Robert Stevenson: 03/04/1975

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