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Judge Roy Bean


1955 - 1956
30 Minutes

The adventures of Judge Roy Bean (Edgar Buchanan), a storekeeper who appointed himself the law to bring justice to the Texas territory of the 1870s.

"During the 1870's the wildest spot in the United States was the desolate region west of the Pecos River. Virtually beyond the reach of the authorities, the railroads then pushing their way west attracted the most vicious characters in the country. It was said that all civilization and law stopped at the East Bank of the Pecos. It took one man, a lone storekeeper who was sick of the lawlessness to change all this, his name was Judge Roy Bean." -- Listen to theme song & narration

Based in Langtry, Texas (named for stage actress Lillie Langtry), Judge Roy Bean ruled with an iron fist and routinely sent to prison (or worse) any criminal that dared break the law west of the Pecos.

Edgar Buchanan as JUDGE ROY BEAN

Assisting the Judge at his general store was his tomboy niece, Letty Bean (Jackie Lougherty) who arrived on the Judge's doorstep after her parents died.

Letty was blonde, beautiful and fast with a gun. Her romantic interest was Deputy Jeff Taggart (Jack Beutel) who chased down all the bad guys that were brought before Judge Roy Bean. 

The cases and clients brought before the judge included:

  • The judge hands a train robber over to the Texas Rangers.
  • Outlaws pass off stolen gold coins as raw nuggets.
  • A boy believes his dutiful  father is a coward.
  • A stagecoach passenger learns her own son robbed her stage.
  • A notorious train robber escaped from prison.
  • Crooks pose as newspapermen to blackmail a local rancher.
  • Deputy Jeff Taggart is accused of murdering a horse trader.
  • Two men try to swindle a silver mine from its rightful owner.
  • Outlaws coerce a man to decode information on a stolen map.
  • A wanted outlaw plans his own funeral to elude the law.
  • The judge uncovers a plot to steal Indian Reservation land.
  • Judge helps prove a murder/robbery suspect is innocent.
  • Swindlers are taking over Langtry and the Judge fights back.
  • Outlaws steal a sacred idol from a Mexican Indian village.
  • The Judge counsels an angry boy who blindly seeks justice.
  • A female reformer remakes Langtry, but the Judge resists.
  • Outlaw twins keep giving each other alibis for local robberies.
  • Jeff is accused of a robbery and Roy must proves his innocence.
  • A White man leads a band of Apaches raiding the region.

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was filmed in color, but broadcast in black and white over most of the county.

The film farce The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972) starred Paul Newman as the offbeat Judge Roy Bean who established law and order by being the Judge Jury and execution of people unlucky enough to pass through his little part of the world .

Obituaries: Edgar Buchanan: 04/04/1979; Jack Buetel: 06/27/1989;

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