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The Man from Blackhawk


ABC Network
1959 - 1960
30 Minutes

The story of Sam Logan (Robert Rockwell), an investigator for the Chicago-based Blackhawk Insurance company who traveled the American frontier of the 1870s settling claims and foiling schemes to defraud his firm.

As Sam trekked via stagecoach or train, he wore a dark pin-striped business suit, and a string tie. If anyone thought his city slicker attire was a sign that he was a rube and ripe for a hassle, they'd soon find out otherwise.

Once called "a man who just doesn't scare", Sam rarely used a gun, but he was mighty handy with his fists and would willingly show his fighting skills to anyone foolish enough to get in the way of his investigations. If Sam needed some extra persuasion, he stored a six-gun in the bottom compartment of his carpetbag luggage.

Robert Rockwell as Sam Logan, Insurance Investigator - THE MAN FROM BLACKHAWK

Here are some of Sam Logan's cases:

  • Sam travels to Vermont to investigate the death of a client who took a life insurance policy two days before his death.
  • Sam learns a client was killed by a hire gunman and subsequently protects the dead man's daughter from those who covet the money from the deceased's insurance policy.
  • Sam provides bodyguard service to a touring female soprano who is insured through Blackhawk.
  • Sam investigate the death of ship's chandler killed by a harpoon in a New England coastal village.
  • Sam travels to New York's Bowery district to investigate the death of a policy holder and one of Blackhawk's agents.

TRIVIA NOTE: Robert Rockwell previously played the shy, mild-mannered bachelor biology teacher Mr. Philip Boynton who was the love interest of Madison High School English teacher Connie Brooks (Eve Arden) on the situation comedy OUR MISS BROOKS/CBS/1952-56. Boynton had a pet frog named Macdougal.

Obituaries: Robert Rockwell: 01/25/2003; Walter Burke: 08/04/1984; Bethel Leslie: 11/28/1999;  Jean Willes: 01/03/1989; Robert Stevenson: 03/04/1975;

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