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Northwest Passage


NBC Network
1958 - 1959
30 Minutes

Set in the late1780s during the French and Indian Wars, Keith Larsen starred as Major Robert Rogers, the famed explorer and Indian fighter who searched for the Northwest Passage, a water route thought to link the eastern and western portions of North America.

During their quest to find the Northwest Passage Rogers and his men encounter all sorts of adventures, including hostile Huron Indian warriors; French soldiers who, at one point, placed Rogers and his men in a prison camp; dirty dealing fur traders; a tavern owner illegally selling women as wives; a tainted military payroll filled with counterfeit money; soldiers who desert their posts; and escaped prisoners infected with smallpox.

Friends and colleagues of Major Rogers included:

  • Buddy Ebsen as Sergeant Hunk Mariner, a skilled Indian fighter and Roger's sidekick.
  • Don Burnett as Ensign Langdon Towne, a Harvard graduate and mapmaker who was new to the ways of the woods.
  • Philip Tonge as General Amherst, a British officer with whom Rogers communicated his trials and tribulations.

Don Burnett, Keith Larsen and Buddy Ebsen - NORTHWEST PASSAGE

Indians encountered included:

  • Lisa Gaye as Natula, an Indian maiden
  • Larry Chance as Chief Black Wolf
  • Joseph Vitale as Chief Akacita
  • Rod Dana as Kisheewa
  • X Brands as Indian Brave

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was based on the motion picture Northwest Passage (1940) starring Spence Tracy as Major Rogers, Walter Brennan as Hunk Mariner and Robert Young as Langdon Towne.

Obituaries: Keith Larsen: 12/13/2006; Buddy Ebsen: 07/06/2003; Philip Tonge: 01/28/1959; Charles Horvath: 07/23/1978;

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