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The Outcasts


ABC Network
1968 - 1969
60 Minutes

Post Civil War adventure about two men - one white and one black - who join forces to become bounty hunters.  

The members of this bi-racial team included:

  • Don Murray as Earl Corey, a Virginia aristocrat who lost his plantation and wealth as a result of the Confederacy losing the war. He's coming to terms with being poor and the new world where blacks and whites supposedly live as equals. But in reality, Earl and his partner still lived in a world were people hated both Rebels and blacks. 
  • Otis Young as Jemal David, a former slave and veteran who was freed as a result of the North winning the war between the states. He's came from nothing but has since become a successful bounty hunter. Having money had never been an issue with Jemal. but the fact that he's now making a comfortable living as a bounty hunter just suits him fine. As long as he's got his partner back and visa versa, the two of them just might survive.

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Otis Young and Don Murray - Cast of THE OUTCASTS

TRIVIA NOTE: Hugo Montenegro, the series musical composer  was nominated for a 1969 Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Musical Composition.

Obituaries: Otis Young: 10/11/2001;

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