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Sheriff of Cochise


1956 - 1958
30 Minutes

Contemporary police drama set in Cochise County, Arizona that followed the exploits of a sheriff and his three deputies as they maintained law and order in the region.

The  Cochise County officers included:

  • John Bromfield as Sheriff Frank Morgan
  • Stan Jones as Deputy Harrry Olson
  • Robert Brubaker as Deputy Blake
  • James Griffith as Deputy Tom Ferguson

John Bromfield as Sheriff Frank Morgan - SHERIFF OF COCHISE

TRIVIA NOTE: The series ended when the lead character Sheriff Frank Morgan accepted a position as US Marshal in Yuma, Arizona. which spawned the sequel series US MARSHAL again starring John Bromfield. Deputies Blake (Robert Brubaker) and Tom Ferguson (James Griffith) from the SHERIFF COCHISE series also appeared to the new series. See also "US Marshal"

U.S.MARSHAL was similar to HIGHWAY PATROL (1955-59) another syndicated cop show about state police dealing with modern day thugs, car chases and shootouts.

Obituaries: John Bromfield: 09/18/2005; James Griffith: 09/17/1993;

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