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Shotgun Slade


1959 - 1961
30 Minutes

Scott Brady starred as Shotgun Slade, a former Union cavalry officer in the Civil War who worked as a freelance private detective for stagecoach lines, railroads, and banks in the frontier days of the late 1870s. Slade spent most of his time tracking down robbers, embezzler and schemers of all sorts.

Slade's weapon of choice (which he made) was a rather unique, custom two-in-one rifle and shotgun - a full-length over/under combination rifle & shotgun. The lower barrel fired a .12 gauge shell, the upper barrel fired .32 gauge shell.. Slade could quickly break the gun down into 2 pieces for discreet storage in luggage.

Although based in Denver, Slade's cases took him all over the country, including: Missouri where he investigated a salted mine and the murder of a prospector; Casper, Wyoming to expose fraud involving paintings;  Deadwood, in the Black Hills of South Dakota to protect a singer who's life had been threatened;  Sacramento, California where he was involved with the Chinese underworld; and New Orleans to solve an ingenious forgery plot.

Scott Brady as SHOTGUN SLADE

One of his cases involved protecting a Stradivarius fiddle owned by Professor Maximillian (Ludwig Stossel). During his interview with the potential client, Slade met the professor's two beautiful nieces who implored him to take the case and even invited Slade to move in with them while he acted as bodyguard for the fiddle.

One of the nieces, Frieda (Lili Kardell)  informed Slade he would be treated "Like one of the family!" Niece Grizella (Natalia Daryll) playfully suggested "And we’re a very close family."

When asked "How ‘bout it?" Slade eyed the nieces again and asked, "Well…what’s it worth?" When he was offered two hundred dollars, Slade, in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, responded "I don’t have that much on me now...but if you just give me half-an-hour, I can scrape it up real fast."

Here are some other Shotgun Slade cases:

  • Went undercover as a gambling house bouncer to find the writer of an anonymous plea for help.
  • Worked for a ranch foreman to discover who had been  stealing horses and cutting fences.
  • Protected a prospector's mining claim from those who wanted to steal it.
  • Helped a vengeful female bank president track down killers, the same sort who killed her father and husband.
  • Hired by a rancher's daughter to resolve water rights dispute
  • Tracked a embezzling bank manager.
  • Got framed for a bank robber, that he was investigating.
  • Hired to investigate freight company accidents suspected to be caused by a rival company.
  • Hired to track down a trainload of missing gold bullion.
  • Investigated a land swindle involving a Spanish woman.
  • Tracked murderous safecrackers who stole the  blueprints to new and more modern safe.
  • Hired by a man in jail to prove his innocence.
  • Protected photographic plates that caught a robbery in progress and would have used to identify the robbers.
  • Investigated a crazed-sniper terrorizing a town.
  • Investigated the murder of a pool hall hustler who was killed by an exploding 8-ball.
  • Hired to find a runaway wife (a former saloon hall worker)
  • Hired to find a wealthy man's estranged daughter.
  • Tracked the location of an outlaw gang with the help of railroad wireless operators.
  • Provided security for a group investigating a silver strike.
  • Investigated a string of robberies & killings that unfortunately led to one of Slade's Civil War compatriots.

Theme Song Lyrics
(Sung over closing credits)

Of the two barreled gun
You're afraid that someday you'll be won
By a woman
A dreamin' woman
Schemin' woman
Maybe someone like me
Better run, Shotgun Slade
I'm the one, Shotgun Slade

When you're mine and I settle you down
You will shine like a diamond in town
As a lover
A perfect lover
Luscious lover
Of a woman like me
Don't forget, just hold still
Haven't met but we will

Shotgun Slade
Shotgun Slade
Shotgun Slade


TRIVIA NOTE: The series character was created by pulp fiction writer Frank Gruber, who also invented other private eye heroes, including Simon Lash, Otis Beagle, Joe Peel,  Johnny Fletcher and Sam Cragg.

The SHOTGUN SLADE program was unique for a western because it used a fast-moving modern jazz scores composed by Gerald Fried. The series was referred to as "Peter Gunn meets the Old West."

Title Credit - SHOTGUN SLADE

Character actor Joe Zboran had a variety of roles on the series, including, a ranch hand, bartender, saloon sweeper, dry goods clerk, and saloon customer.

The series also employed many notable personalities for its cast of characters including:

  • World War II pilot Gregory “Pappy” Boyington (“Omar the Sign Maker”)
  • Baseball legend Sandy Koufax (“Too Smart to Live”)
  • Football hero Elroy “Crazylegs” Hirsch (“The Lady and the Piano”)
  • Country-and-western stars: Johnny Cash (“The Stalkers”), Tex Ritter (“Missing Train”) and Jimmy Wakely (“The Safe Crackers”)
  • Former boxer Lou Nova ("Backtrack")

 Obituaries: Scott Brady: 04/16/1985;

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