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Sky King

Title Card - SKY KING

NBC/ABC Network
1953 - 1954
30 Minutes

Set in the Arizona Territory, Kirby Grant starred as Skylar "Sky" King, a former WWII Naval aviator who patrolled his Flying Crown Ranch in his twin engine Cessna called The Songbird.

Sky's assistants included:

  • Gloria Winters as Penny, Sky's niece
  • Ron Hagerthy as Clipper, Sky's nephew and co-pilot  
  • Norman Ollestad as Bob Carey, a neighbor
  • Chubby Johnson as Jim Bell, the Sky's ranch foreman.
  • Ewing Mitchell as Sheriff Mitch Hargrove, the lawman from the nearby town of Grover City, Arizona.

Skylar, Penny and Clipper - Cast of SKY KING
Sky king, Penny and Clipper

The Songbird (I.D. #N87832 later #N5248A) was a Cessna 310-B with wing-tip tanks that provided fuel for more than a thousand miles of air travel. It cruised an average speed of 210 mph. The Songbird was once referred as The Flaming Arrow in the 1952 episode "Designing Woman." Sky first plane was a Cessna T-50 Bobcat.

Sky King's Cessna 310-B Airplane

"Out of the clear blue of the western sky comes ...SKY KING!"

Announcer: Look! Here comes Sky King. Sky King, America's favorite flying cowboy. Presented by America's favorite peanut butter - Peter Pan peanut butter.
Female: Yes friends, this is the time to enjoy high adventure with Sky King but first, let me remind you that any time is a good time to enjoy creamy, smooth Peter Pan peanut butter. It's extra good because it's extra fresh.
Announcer: So, if you want the freshest peanut butter, get America's favorite peanut butter - Peter Pan. It's just 60 seconds old when you open the jar. And now your favorite flying cowboy ...SKY KING!

--Opening narration with commercial

Kirby Grant as SKY KING
Kirby Grant (a.k.a. "Sky King")

TRIVIA NOTE: The SKY KING program originated on radio where it ran from 1946 to 1954. Originally a daily fifteen minute serial, by 1947 it had become a twice-weekly thirty minute program sponsored by Peter Pan on ABC. It aired on Mutual from 1950-1954.

In real life, Kirby Grant was an aviator who logged time as a WWII Air Force flight instructor. Aerial footage for the series was shot by Paul Mantz, a one time advisor to Amelia Earhart.

Obituaries: Kirby Grant: 12/30/1985; Ewing Mitchell: 09/03/1988; Norman Ollestad: 02/19/1979;

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