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Steve Donovan,
Western Marshal


30 Minutes

Douglas Kennedy starred as frontier Marshal Steve Donovan who maintained law and order in Wyoming Territory of the 1870s with the assistance of his deputy, Rusty Lee (Eddy Waller). 

“Lashing out of the pages of American history come the exciting tales of the early western frontier. A primitive land torn by primitive conflicts and boiling with the feuds and lawless strife of frontier days. Here, on the rugged edge of civilization, some of the most desperate outlaws the world has ever known swarmed like a black plague, looting and robbing. But here too, determined to bring peace and justice to this turbulent region of six guns and sudden death, was another breed of men. The courageous officers appointed to wear the proudest badge of all, the badge of the western marshal.” -- Opening Narration


The exploits of Marshal Donovan included:

  • Thwarts a plan to prevent woman from voting.
  • Confronts a deputy who let a prisoner escape.
  • Seeks a serum for an epidemic ridden town.
  • Unmasks an outlaw posing as a sheriff.
  • Avoids outlaws who want to set a prisoner free.
  • Tries to get an editor to reveal the name of a killer.
  • Investigates a series of mail robberies.
  • Tracks an elderly female outlaw.
  • Encounters a killer in a ghost town.
  • Investigates a series of stagecoach robberies.
  • Rescues a mayoral candidate's kidnapped daughter.
  • Tracks an outlaw who is a master of disguises.
  • Uncovers a plot to overthrow the government.
  • A woman and Steve are held hostage by outlaws.
  • Searches for outlaws in a mysterious canyon.
  • Encounters a sheriff who refuses to help him.
  • Sets a trap for The Comanche Kid.
  • A murderous outlaw is handcuffed to Steve.
  • Encounters a doctor-turned-outlaw.
  • Establishes a marshal's office in a lawless town.
  • Protects a young thief from fellow outlaws and Indians.
  • Rusty goes undercover to catch a gang.
  • Cracks a gang of counterfeiters set up in a store.
  • Protects two prisoners from a lynch mob.
  • Rusty uses ventriloquism to trap a killer.
  • Thwarts an army officer from starting an Indian war.
  • Tracks an escaped prisoner on a trail of vengeance.
  • Encounters a youth turned gunman to protect his family.
  • Protects a widow from losing her ranch.
  • Young marshal refuses to help Steve catch a gang.
  • Intervenes to get a bank to give a loan to local Indians.
  • Thwarts a speculator who hopes to start an Indian War.
  • Battles a woman who terrorizes a town.
  • Asks for help to track thieves across the border.
  • Helps a doctor save a patient despite the town's wishes.
  • Helps a youth falsely accused of robbery.
  • Poses as an outlaw to catch a gang of bad guys.


TRIVIA NOTE: The series was originally titled STEVE DONOVAN, WESTERN RANGER.

Obituaries: Douglas Kennedy: 08/10/1973; Eddy Waller: 08/20/1977;

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