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Tombstone Territory


ABC Network
1957 - 1959
30 Minutes

Tombstone Territory of the 1880s as seen through the eyes of Sheriff Clay Hollister (Pat Conway) who kept the peace in the “town too tough to die” and newspaperman Harry Claibourne (Richard Eastham), editor of The Epitaph.

As a sheriff of Tombstone, Hollister had a variety of duties. He might have to:

  • Collect back taxes
  • Take guns from rowdy cowpokes
  • Avoid Main Street and back alley gunfights
  • Stop people bent on vengeance
  • Settle disputes between ranchers or prospectors
  • Battle rebel raiders and hostile Indians
  • Pursue bandits and bank robbers
  • Solve murders
  • Intervene in ethnic disputes.
  • Protect religious sects from hate groups
  • Rescue accident victims
  • Track down horse thieves

While Sheriff Hollister battled injustice with his six-shooter, Harry Claibourne, the newspaper editor tried to maintain the peace by using reason and the written word.  In the end, whatever method worked, it still made good copy for the stories appearing in The Epitaph.


Other townsfolk and locals included:

  • Quintin Sondergaard as Quint
  • Gilman Rankin as Deputy Charlie Riggs
  • Dennis Moore as Deputy
  • Allison Hayes as Carole Thayer
  • Thomas Browne Henry as J. Homer Radcliffe
  • Harry Woods as Doc Cunningham
  • Robert J. Wilke as Burt Foster
  • Robert Foulk as Curly Bill
  • Troy Melton as McLowrey
  • Charles Seel as Bartender
  • John Doucette as Geronimo
  • Ken Mayer as Deke Reardon
  • Warren Oates as Bob Pickett
  • Page Slattery as Paul Hayden
  • Ralph Taeger as Horn Burnett
  • Morris Ankrum as Mayor
  • Dehl Berti as Goldman
  • Michael Whalen as Mayor Fred Donolon
  • Michael Landon as Barton Clark
  • Harry Lauter as Shelton
  • Kenne Duncan as Bartender
  • Ollie O'Toole as Clerk
  • Robert Shield as Deputy
  • Lee Van Cleef as Sam Carver

Pat Conway as Sheriff Clay Hollister

Listen to Theme Song

Theme Song Lyrics

Whistle me up a memory
Whistle me back where I want to be
Whistle a tune that'll carry me
To Tombstone Territory

If your past has run afoul of the law
It's a handy place to be
'Cause your future's just as good as your draw
In Tombstone Territory

Whistle me up a memory
Whistle me back where I want to be
Whistle a tune that'll carry me
To Tombstone Territory


TRIVIA NOTE: Richard Eastham was the host and narrator for the series. Additional episodes were produced for syndication after the program left the network.

The series theme song "Whistle Me Up a Memory" was composed by William M. Backer.

Obituaries: Pat Conway: 04/24/1981;  Richard Eastham: 07/10/2005;

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