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The Wild Wild West


CBS Network
1965 - 1970
60 Minutes

Federal undercover agents James T. West (Robert Conrad) and his partner, Artemus Gordon (Ross Martin) battled those who threatened America's security during the post Civil War days of President Grant's administration.

James is the good looks and the muscle [he’s a pugilist extraordinaire] while Arty has the brains and the disguises to infiltrate the bad guys. Artie’s  disguises varied, including seafarers, old prospectors, European nobles and outlandish outlaws.


West and Gordon's lived in lushly decorated gadget-laden railroad car called the "Nimrod" that traveled across the Old West on special assignments [pulled by an 1860 2-4-0 steam engine].

Jim and Artemus also used their own arsenal of gadgets that assisted them in fighting master criminals and traitors. The items included:

  • Vest-button bombs
  • Swords in pool cues
  • Derringers hidden up their sleeves (with special bullets hidden in the heels of their boots)
  • Knock-out powders and gas pellet bombs.

As for standard firearms, both Jim and Artemus used Colt .45 pistols. (West's hand gun had silver snakes on the grips while Artemus' guns sported his initials)  

To communicate with Washington, DC, Artemus used the telegraph or his four homing pigeons [Annabella, Arabella, Henry and Henrietta] that lived in the railroad car.

West’s nemesis, among other evil-doers, was the villainous Dr. Miguelito Loveless (Michael Dunn), a dwarfish criminal genius who lusts for wealth and power and who always seems to get away in the end and returns later to plague West and Gordon.



TRIVIA NOTE: Each episode title used the phrase "Night of the..." such as "The Night of the Inferno", "The Night of the Skulls", The Night of the Simian Terror", and "The Night of Miguelito's Revenge."

On the reunion special The Wild Wild West Revisited (1979) West and Gordon come out of retirement in 1885 to battle Michelito Loveless (Paul Williams), the son of their now deceased nemesis who has replaced the crowned heads of England, Spain and Russia with exact duplicates under his control. His next target: President Cleveland. Michelito's father, Miguelito had died from a bad case of ulcers caused by constantly being defeated by West and Gordon.

More Wild Wild West (1980) followed West and Gordon as they attempted to thwart the plans of Albert Paladine II (Jonathan Winters), a mad scientist who uses the power of invisibility to take over the world.

The theatrical remake Wild Wild West (1999) starred Will Smith as Captain James West, a former Buffalo soldiers turned government secret agent and Kevin Kline as US Marshal Artemus Gordon.

Movie Music - WILD WILD WEST

Movie Theme Song Lyrics
(sung by Will Smith)

Wild Wild West
Jim West, desperado, rough rider
No you don't want nada
None of this, six gun in this, brotha runnin' this,
Buffalo soldier, look it's like I told ya
Any damsel that's in distress
Be out of that dress when she meet Jim West
Rough neck so go check the law and abide
Watch your step with flex and get a hold in your side
Swallow your pride, don't let your lip react,
You don't wanna see my hand where my hip be at,
With Artemus, from the start of this, runnin' the game
James West tamin' the west so remember the name.

Got mad weapons too, ain't tryin' to hear that
Tryin' to bring down me, this champion
When y'all clowns gon' see that it can't be done
Understand me son, I'm the slickest they is,
I'm the quickest as they is,
Did I say I'm the slickest they is
So if you barking up the wrong tree we comin',
Don't be startin' nothin'
Me and my partner gonna test your chest, Loveless
Can't stand the heat then get out
The Wild Wild West

Obituaries: Ross Martin: 07/03/1981;

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