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Title Card - WILDSIDE

ABC Network
60 Minutes

Set in the Old West in Wildside County, California, this western adventure featured four upstanding citizens who formed the "Wildside Chamber of Commerce" a secret vigilante law-enforcement group founded (and answerable to the Governor) to clean up the Northern California frontier territory filled with local gangs and wandering renegades.

"Into a lawless land, they brought their own style of justice. Five men, one mission:
The Chamber of Commerce of Wildside!"

The group is answerable to the Governor J. Wendell Summerhayes (Sandy McPeak), a former gunfighter and associate of the group. He sometimes offers them special assignments.

Members of the Wildside Chamber of Commerce - WILDSIDE

Members of the WCC were:

  • William Smith as Brodie Hollister, a rancher known as "The Fastest Gun In the West" with 29 notches on his gun
  • Howard E. Rollins. Jr. as Bannister Sparks, a bon vivant black explosives expert and card sharp. He is the  proprietor of Bannisters Emporium and Trading Company.
  • John DiAquino as Vargas De La Cosa, a gunsmith equally handy with a knife
  • Terry Funk as Prometheus Jones, a huge veterinarian skilled with the lariat.
  • J. Eddie Peck as Sutton Hollister, Brodie's son who was raised in Boston by an aunt. Despite his city up bringing, he's just as good with a six-shooter as his father. Sutton's romantic interest is Cally Oaks (Meg Ryan), the editor of the Wildside County newspaper.


Obituaries: Howard E. Rollins Jr.: 12/08/1996; Sandy McPeak: 12/31/1997;

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