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The Young Riders


ABC Network
1989 - 1992
60 Minutes

Set in the year 1860, this was the story of the Pony Express that carried mail overland 2000 miles from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California.

The Pony Express riders and crew included:

  • Anthony Zerbe as Teaspoon Hunter, the manager of a Pony Express way station (one of 190) located on the prairie near Sweetwater on the Central Overland Express line. A year later Teaspoon moved his operation to the town of Rock Creek on the Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri border where he became a US Marshal.
  • Ty Miller as The Kid, a soft-spoken fast gun
  • Stephen Baldwin as William "Billy" Cody later to become Buffalo Bill Cody
  • Josh Brolin as Jimmy Hickok, the future Wild Bill Hickok
  • Travis Fine as Ike McSwain, a mute (who later died).
  • Gregg Rainwater as Little Buck Cross, a half-bred Kiowa.
  • Yvonne Suhor as Lou McCloud, a girl disguised as a male. She married The Kid.
  • Don Franklin as Noah Dixon, an educated free born black. He was refused enlistment in the army and later killed in an ambush.
  • Christopher Pettiet as Jesse James, a 14-year-old who helped out Teaspoon around the at the way station. He ran off with his brother Frank James (Jamie Walters) and became an outlaw.
  • Emma Shannon as Melissa Leo, the way stations cook and surrogate mother for the young riders. She fell in love and ran off with Marshal Sam Cain (Brett Cullen).
  • Clare Wren as Rachel Dunn, the way station cook and surrogate mother for the young riders. She replaced Emma.
  •  Don Collier as William Tompkins, a local storekeeper who sold supplies to the way station and the pony express riders.



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