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Zorro and Son

Title Card - ZORRO AND SON

CBS Network
Comedy Spoof
30 Minutes

Henry Darrow stared as the aging Don Diego de La Vega alias the masked hero Zorro who enlisted the aid of his son, Don Carlos de la Vega (Paul Regina), a gambling, girl-chasing lothario to continue his fight against tyranny in Spanish California.

Arriving from Spain, after a letter from Bernardo reported that his father had been injured, Don Carlos agreed to continue the family legacy as a swashbuckling helper of the poor and oppressed, but instead of using the traditional weapons (swords and knives), Zorro, Jr. used modern gadgets (guns and bombs) against the corrupt authorities of  Los Angeles. 

Other people in this comedy spoof included:

  • Bill Dana as Bernardo the family's servant (who can speak). He rides a donkey named Rosita.
  • Gregory Sierra as Commandante Paco Pico, the imposer of unjust laws and taxes.
  • Richard Beauchamp as Sergeant Sepulveda, Pico's aide.
  • Barney Martin as Brothers Napa and Sonoma, Franciscan monks who were arrested for "selling wine before its time."
  • John Moschitta, Jr. as Corporal Cassette, a fast-talking human Dictaphone.
  • Catherine Parks as Senorita Anita.
  • Paul Leal as Peasant.


TRIVIA NOTE: Henry Darrow appeared in two other versions of Zorro:  the 1981 animated series, and the 1990 series THE NEW ZORRO as Don Diego's father, Don Alejandro.

Distributed by Disney, this series used the exterior sets and costumes from the 1950s Disney Zorro series. The theme music for ZORRO AND SON is an adaptation of the original Disney ZORRO theme.

Obituaries: Paul Regina: 1/31/2006; Richard Beauchamp: 10/27/1994; Barney Martin: 03/21/2005;

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