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Words of Wisdom

Upton/Webber Corporate Philosophy - Business sentiments interspersed throughout the situation comedy WORKING/NBC/1997-99.


During each episode, the viewing audience was treated to pseudo-commercial spots (before the real commercial breaks) advertising the many projects and business concerns of the multi-national conglomerate of 1,000,000 employees called Upton/Webber.

"Peddling Influence since 1892" this money-hungry corporation conveyed such corporate messages as:

  • "From cradle to grave, we're with you."
  • "Space: we don't own it yet, but we will."
  • "Upton/Webber©: Cloning a better tomorrow"
  • "Upton/Webber©: Making the products that make you buy more of our products, since 1892.

Members of the Upton/Webber Corporation included:

  • Fred Savage as Matt Payser, a naive college graduate
  •  Maurice Godin as Tim Deale, Matt's ditzy boss
  • Steve Hytner as John Delaney. the sarcastic loner 
  • Arden Myrin as Abby Cosgrove, a perky social organizer
  • Yvette Freeman as Evelyn Smalley, a no-nonsense manager
  • Debi Mazar as Liz Tricolli, a ruthless executive
  • Sarah Knowlton as Hal Blum, a Yale-educated secretary
  • Rebecca McFarland as Val Gibson, Hal's replacement
  • Dana Gould as Jimmy Clarke
  • Kate Hodge as Chris Grant


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