5 Tips for Avoiding Fake and Fraudulent Sportsbooks

We live in a world with vast opportunities when it comes to choosing things to do for fun, which is nothing wrong, but many people simply choose the first thing that pops up. Now, we all have different preferences and like different things, and the same principle works for hobbies, but if we had to choose one thing, one activity that most people enjoy doing, that would undoubtedly be gambling. Okay, this is not just about the casino games, as there are also plenty of other types of gambling like sports betting, but there is just something about that special opportunity to make quick profits.

What makes a sportsbook legit?

If you have ever searched for some website to place a bet on, you probably noticed that there are plenty of them to choose from, which can be both great and bad, depending on how we look at it. The thing that makes the vast offer great is that there are plenty of bonuses for us players, but the downside of it all is that there is also plenty of scams and fraudulent sportsbooks. Luckily, there are reputable ones like the sbobet, and they are the safest option, but if you want to be sure, let’s check for signs of scam betting websites.

1. Check for the license

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This one is the first and most important thing to check regardless of what you are doing online, as there is no antivirus or protection software in the world that can save us if we don’t take of ourselves first. Now, the first thing we need to do before we decide to create an account and give our personal information, and, of course, link bank accounts to some bookmaker website, is to check if there is any license on the website, as it should be placed in more than a visible place.

This license guarantees that the website is trustworthy and reliable and it is not a scam, so it is safe to entrust them with our money and create a betting account. In most cases, we can find who licensed the bookmaker and the license number at the end of the page, but it is crucial to take a closer look because it sometimes might be somewhere else. When we find the license, we can click on it, and it will open the website of the authorities who gave it, so it is impossible to falsify it.

2. Compare the odds

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We all like to take advantage of higher odds and try to win more money for the same game, but we need to be careful, and if the odds are too good to be true, then the chances are high that it is, unfortunately, just a scam. Because of that, we need to compare a few bookmakers and see how high the odds are for a certain game. Now, this may seem like a time-consuming job, but there are plenty of websites to choose from, and checking out details about them can be more than helpful and just about the odds, as there are also are plenty of bonuses and other rewards.

As for the odds, if they are much higher in one of the bookmakers, it is probably the best idea to avoid it and find another one. Scam websites usually use high odds to attract new players and take their money, so it is always better to trust your instincts and avoid “too good” offers.

3. Contact the customer support

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Reliable and trustworthy bookmakers try their best to have great customer support, which will be available 24/7 for every possible question or problem. Their job is to listen to the customers, answer their questions, and solve any possible problems. So, the crucial fact here is that we can reach them at any time we need. These problems can be minor, like the impossibility to log in or to bet on a certain game, but in most cases, these problems are about depositing and withdrawals, and no one likes to wait when it comes to money.

If you want to check if the bookmaker is reliable and trustworthy, try to reach their customer support, and if you do not get any answer for a while, it is probably much better to search for a new one. Yes, this may sound cruel, but from our angle as players, it’s a much better option to go with some website that grants fast deposits and withdrawals. Of course, the role of the bank is also important, as not every bank process transactions in the same way. So, if you often have trouble with the waiting period for transactions, also consider changing the bank.

4. Look at the website design

As for this one, it may sound shallow at first, but the looks also play a huge role in all of this, as a reputable betting website will surely have a site with a great design and interface. It’s just a fact as there is no reliable bookmaker’s website with poor design, and it is probably the first thing we notice when we visit it, which means if the website looks bad, it is better to skip it. A well-designed website needs to be easy to navigate, and all the necessary hyperlinks and menus need to be in a visible place. Besides that, it needs to be responsible and react quickly, so a long waiting time can be a sure sign that something is not right.

5. Unreal bonuses

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We have already mentioned attractive odds that seem too good to be true, and the same rule works for bonuses. Even though high bonuses might seem like a great opportunity, in 9 out of 10 situations, you will be the one with losses. It goes without mentioning that prizes or bonuses like 500% sing up or first deposit ones simply cannot be true as there is no point in giving such bonuses, from the website point of view. So, in the end, it’s all about simple logic, and if something doesn’t seem right, or in this case too good to be true, it’s probably best to avoid it.