4 Benefits Of Citizen Development For Your Business

Businesses rely on technology and innovation. As the need to digitize grows bigger by the day, businesses should consider Citizen Development as the means to achieve digitization. But what exactly is citizen development? For that, you’ve come to the right place as we will talk about the 4 benefits for your business.

1. Saves Time

Source: inc.com

Citizen developers work on platforms that require little to no coding. In most cases, the platforms that they use are optimized for beginners and rookie developers.

The purpose of a citizen developer isn’t to be a senior full-stack developer, but someone that can develop applications and software that performs the most basic of functions. This can save your business a lot of time since developers require a lot of time when developing software.

Not only that, but full-stack developers won’t bother working on platforms and applications that perform very basic functions. A citizen developer can perform the task and save you a lot of time in the process.

2. Replaces In-House IT Departments

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An in-house IT department can be very costly to maintain. From managing salaries to acquiring a work desk and a personal computer for each individual, they’re not cheap. But an in-house IT department is essential for many businesses.

While outsourcing is always an option, businesses should consider hiring citizen developers. Citizen developers don’t deplete company resources the same as a full in-house IT department does. Not only that, but citizen developers can replace an in-house IT department team and perform the most basic of functions.

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3. Greater Business Agility

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In business terms, business agility is a company’s ability to adapt to changes. But it also takes into account market demand and market flexibility. A company with great business agility is flexible and meets market demands despite undergoing plenty of internal and external changes.

This idea is very important in modern business. A citizen developer makes your organization more agile as they can spot faults in your software, deploy tech much faster, drive innovation, and improve both customer and employee morale and experience.

In short, a citizen developer will take your company to the very next step by making it more agile in business terms.

4. Address IT Shortages

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In IT, the biggest shortage is talent. While there are plenty of IT developers and experts, the difficult part is keeping your IT staff happy and well paid.

It’s no secret that IT personnel don’t stay in a company for more than two to three years. They get poached by headhunting organizations that offer them higher salaries to move to other companies.

That means you need to offer competitive pay. But since not every company can do that, here is where a citizen developer comes into play.

The role is perfectly capable of developing solutions specific to the needs of the company. With all that said, these solutions aren’t complex and are very easy to code. That means you don’t need a full-stack developer to build apps that solve immediate problems. The role addresses the IT shortages in your company and makes you competitive in the market.