3 Warning Signs of Foundation Issues in Your Home

The house is probably the most valuable property you have and that is why it is always advisable to maintain it properly. When it comes to parts of the house that are especially important, there is a foundation on which the house is placed and which must be in good condition at all times. Otherwise, the consequences can be catastrophic, because damage to the foundation will lead to damage to other parts of the house and its collapse. The biggest problem here for most people is that they don’t know how to establish that there is a foundation problem. That is why we decided to discuss in this article some of the main warning signs of foundation issues in your home.

1. Cracks on the foundation or bricks

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One of the main signs that the foundation of the house has been damaged are cracks that occur on the foundation or bricks of the house. They can occur due to different weather conditions or land movement, so as a consequence there are changes in the structure of the foundations. And this usually leads to further unwanted events. Of course, not every crack is a sign that there is a potential problem. Vertical cracks often occur after laying the foundation and building a house and start showing due to the drying of the walls. They are generally not a cause for concern. However, the horizontal cracks that continue to appear on the house should be an alarm and a sign that you need to do something in order to protect your property from further deterioration.

2. House sinking

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If it seems to you that your house is starting to sink, or one of its parts is lower than the other (and that was not the case before), it is time to take action in order to prevent further changes. In such situations, the solution may be to install internal or external foundation pillars, but in consultation with professionals in this field, you will receive detailed instructions on what needs to be done. If you are looking for a company we suggest you visit the Foundation Repair Pine Hills FL website and learn more about their services.

3. The doors tend to stick

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In case you notice that your door starts to stick over time, it can be a sign that there have been changes in the foundation. The cause does not always have to be the deterioration of the foundation, but the sticking of the door can also be a consequence of excessive moisture. However, if you notice cracks in the walls in addition to this sign, it is time to contact the experts in the field of Foundation Repair in Pine Hills, FL, and talk to them about the problems you have so they can eliminate them in time.


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The house is often the most valuable property that people own and regular maintenance is necessary in order for everything to always be in perfect condition. The appearance of cracks on the foundation, sinking of the house, and sticking of the door are just some of the warning signs that there is certain damage to the foundation. If this is your case, make sure to contact Foundation Repair in Pine Hills, FL professionals in a timely manner to help you troubleshoot and enjoy your home without worries.