5 Benefits of Using Pop-Up Tents for Business Marketing

These canopy-like structures can be seen predominantly in the spring and summer months during sales, fairs, and expos. Apart from protecting the staff from sweltering heat and sun, it can be attractively designed to incite curiosity in bystanders. This would make them come to your tent to ask questions. So, can this be used as a good marketing tool?

What are pop-up tents?

These tents are large, inflatable structures that can come in any shape and color. It can be highly customized as per the needs. It has been noted in a survey that branded pop-up tents are more effective amongst vendors and businesses to attract people. The standard size is 10’ by 10’.

It should be a cuboid, have a canvas, and should be relatively easy to install. It should be collapsible too with legs that can be hoisted up easily. The fabric should be durable and waterproof. There are many styles and options that are available. You can click here to check out good and durable pop-up tents.

Historically this has been used for a long time, back since the 17th century. They were made of timber covered with a canvas before, however, now it is relatively easy and is pop-up. This allowed it to be used in conventions and expos, festivals, parties, events, beaches, fairs, and outdoor street markets. The rise of B2B exhibitions has also helped greatly. The tents have also evolved from being single-colored and generically plain to being highly customizable and attractive now. The material used can also be better.

What are the main benefits of using pop-up tents?

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1. Ensures that your branding is visible to the people.

This is a vital step towards attracting people to your business and what you do. It helps build a consumer base who approach you as your service suits their requirements. There are few services or companies that need not have a pop-up tent, but even a simple logo or title adorned on their pop-up tent would do. This attracts a lot of customers. About 60.2% of customers in a survey say they prefer pop-up tents with branding rather than plain ones.

2. Makes sure that your customer doesn’t forget your brand.

There are many tents and booths set up in a huge event, but a pop-up tent can subconsciously make the consumer remember yours. It has been found in a study that even if people didn’t avail of the services that you offer, they would still remember your tent. Having colorful tents helps as the people’s psychology wires them to remember something that sets the tent apart. 65% of customers in a study said they remembered a colorful or striking tent instead of plain ones.

3. You can even incorporate advertisements.

Custom tents can easily incorporate advertisements and jargon that customers also take notice of. Many real estate announcements and other ads are often printed or displayed on a vinyl banner across the tent. People tend to do this on the back wall which is the area between the back two legs of a 10’ x 10’ booth.

4. Organized business marketing can be displayed.

Many people incorporate feather flags, side-wall graphics, back-wall graphics that can give a boost to the integrity and authenticity of the vendor booth. A well-strategized tent can do wonders for advertisements as people can be directed through a visual flow using the walls of the tent. You can make use of printed vinyl banners, printed table throws, and covers, feather flags, retractable banners, etc. All these can be customized based on your requirements and you can showcase your product well with all these cues.

5. Gives a great first impression.

Visually attracting customers is step 1 in the scheme of advertising. Custom canopies help customers make the first impression of your branding and company. If you display your services or specialties on the tent boldly, then this can go a long way. 80% of popular poll people have said that a custom branded tent oozes professionalism.

What should you focus on in a pop-up tent?

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Do not try to overcrowd the space on the tent and in the tent with advertisements and information. Build a strategic flow and then display it. Your customers should be able to follow the whole marketing campaign and contribute. Ensure that there is good spacing and ventilation within the tents as the people in them should be comfortable being there.

Make sure the place is tidy and keep less staff so as to not overwhelm the people. Make sure the staff are positioned so that they can engage with the audience better. The facilities and services your tent has should be in prominence. Go with good colors that complement your logo, this attracts the people better. Be a little creative, make sure people talk about your service after the exhibition too. You can consult a few experienced market professionals too to get an overview of what you could do to boost sales.

There are a few tricks to following up on a pop-up tent marketing display like investing in a mascot, conducting games in front of it, having a deep discussion on the goods you provide, and clearing consumer doubts. A pop-up tent increases the interaction between the customer and service provider as the setting is informal and engaging.


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Pop-up tents are ubiquitously seen in exhibitions, marketing campaigns, and business expos. These have many utilities, which involve attracting new people, sales and advertising, and finally making deals. It is also important to use the fact that it can be customized. This helps get the main point and motive across the consumer base. Many customers attending such expos have said they preferred colored tents bearing strong messages which helps them decide the brand.

There are many benefits of getting a pop-up tent. You can convey your branding and motto clearly, you can make more money by incorporating ads of partner or linked companies. Business marketing is constantly in the need of better and effective ideas and pop-up tents might just be the way!