What Material Is Best for Poker Chips?

How often do you play poker at home? When you are throwing a party at home to your friends, you will most probably end up playing poker. Poker is an exciting game. However, most of the excitement can be attested to the chips. Because they contribute a lot to the fun and feeling you experience during the game

A lot of people ignore the significance of poker chips. Do you know that poker chips are made of different materials? More on that later, but you need to remember one thing. You might be wondering how these materials make changes. But the feel of your game mostly depends on the materials with which these poker chips are made.

You must be choosing poker chips randomly without much thought and research, which is wrong. The cost varies as per the materials used. From affordable poker chips to the ones that give you the most excitement while playing the game, you can choose from a wide range of poker chips. So, stop choosing random chips. Read on to know more about the materials used in making the poker chips and how make the difference.

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The best material for poker chips

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  • China clay

Clay poker chips are one of the most commonly and popularly purchased chips. These poker chips are made by using Chinese clay. Compared to pure and normal clay that is commonly used, china clay is more shiny and affordable. The quality of Chinese clay is not as per the standard.

Hence, despite it being affordable, you may have to compromise on the durability of these chips.

However, they make a clunking sound and are a fun experience, if you would like to choose playing experience over anything and everything else. But remember that you may have to make the purchase multiple times as the Chinese clay is weak and not durable.

  • Pure clay

Pure clay is very rare and difficult to find. Hence, you may have to think twice before making a decision with this one. Because they are on a pricier side. Given the authenticity and purity, you do not find them as widely and even if you do, you may have to fork out your pockets to buy them.

But compared to Chinese clay these are superior in terms of quality and experience and durability. Pure clay has a superior binding ability. Hence, the durability of poker chips made with pure clay is a lot higher than any other materials. But the shine and the clinging sound doesn’t match the fun experience Chinese clay provides.

  • Plastic

Are you going with a cheap and affordable option? For you, the material dimensions, type, and quality may not matter. That’s ok. Everyone has their priorities. For you, plastic is the best option. Plastic poker chips are the only affordable alternative to all materials to date.

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Any time of the day or year, you can blindly go with plastic chips if affordability is your priority. These chips are available in different colours, sizes, and designs. Unlike clay material, plastic chips are highly and appealingly designed. So, you will not be disappointed in your purchase at any time. the durability is also on par with other materials.

  • Plastic with metal

If quality and durability are your primary choices, there is nothing better than the blend of plastic with metal. Of course, you can go with pure metal material poker chips. But ask yourself if you can afford them.

The blend of plastic and metal poker chips are durable, comparatively affordable, and as fun as you want it to be. Because the metal makes the clinging sound.

Metal is coated with plastic on the top. So, the sound may not be that clear or pleasing to your ears compared to pure metal materials. But they are highly durable if you are still looking for one reason to invest in them.

  • Pure metal

Pure metal poker chips are the number one choice at any time of the day or year. Given the durability, authenticity, and rareness, the price is on a little higher side. But if that doesn’t bother you much, be ready to shove your pockets. The pure metal is the best investment you will ever make for your poker chips.

They are robust and firm. So, coming to durability, you will be surprised to find them living even for a thousand years. So, stop thinking much and take a final call. Metal poker chips are the most fun during playing. Because they make a loud clinging sound that spruces up your gaming experience.

  • Rubber

Rubber is again rarely available. So, it will be costly. Very rarely do people choose rubber for their poker chips. The reasons are quite obvious. Until and unless it is pure and superior quality rubber, they do not last long, despite which the cost is on a higher side.

Their durability is also not impressive. So, you better go with other options until and unless you specifically want these for some reason. However, remember that superior quality rubber material poker chips will suffice and supplement all your requirements. So, do not completely brush away the idea.


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The above-mentioned materials are just a few materials that are used in the making of poker chips. You can explore, research, and find more. However, a basic understanding of these materials is important to make the right choice and a wise decision.

So, next time when you are buying your poker chips or accompanying a friend who is going to buy them, use these tips and information to buy the chips that are most.

The clinging sound they make, their firmness, durability, and shine everything comes into play in increasing the fun of your game. Hence, do not forget to keep these materials in mind, while buying your poker chips.