TOEIC Analyst is a toolkit for you who are aiming for your TOEIC goal at level 500 – 700. TOEIC Analyst includes a whole lot of tactics to help you easily conquer these score points more easily.

TOEIC Exam Preparation Materials: TOEIC® Analyst – Mastering TOEIC® Test-taking Skills is one of the four books of Anne Taylor’s TOEIC exam preparation series including: Starter TOEIC, Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test and Target TOEIC.

I. General review of the book
This book is suitable for those of you who have a good average in grammar and vocabulary, aiming to reach 500 – 750+ TOEIC.

The TOEIC Analyst curriculum is suitable for those who want to familiarize themselves with the TOEIC test format

You want to consolidate vocabulary, grammar, learning method and do each part to get a score in the 500 – 700 TOEIC in optimal time.

Lessons in this TOEIC preparation material are prepared according to skills (listening, reading comprehension) and test format (image description, Q&A, short talk, short talk, incomplete sentences and unread reading). complete and reading comprehension).

II. The content of the TOEIC Analyst covers what
The content of the TOEIC Analyst consists of 7 chapters that follow the correct question types in the TOEIC test:

Part 1. The TOEIC listening section: Practice chapter on TOEIC listening skills
Listening: you will practice all the listening sections of the TOEIC test, including: Part Picture Decription, Question and Responses, Short Conversations, Short Talk.

Reading section: you will practice all the reading sections of the TOEIC test including sections: Incomplete Sentences, Incomplete Texts, Reading Comprehension.

Part 2. Practice Test: Part practice
As mentioned above, this section consists of 2 tests to help you systematize all the knowledge you have learned in the above chapters and proceed to familiarize yourself with the standard TOEIC test.

Part 3. Transcripts and Answer Key: Answers and detailed explanations
Transcripts and Answer Key is the support which includes the dialogs included in the text CD and test answers.

The book series is rated by the author as suitable for you at the Beginners level. You can improve your score gradually without difficulty with the listening section, which is focused on the type of questions, with easy-to-read voices.

Part 4. Two Test of proficiency test
When practicing these 2 real exam questions, you should set a timer and follow as if you are taking a real exam, so that you can more accurately assess your level of level to help you review. better practice.

With 4 main contents as above, TOEIC Analyst curriculum has 7 main chapters as follows:

  •  Chapter 1 – Picture description: Contains 4 types of frequently asked questions.
  •  Chapter 2 – Question – Answer: There are 9 types of frequently asked questions.
  •  Chapter 3 – Conversation: 7 types of frequently asked questions.
  •  Chapter 4 – Short talks: (This section includes voice messages, advertisements, guides) there are 4 types of frequently asked questions.
  •  Chapter 5 – Fill in the missing words with the sentence: 2 types of frequently asked questions.
  •  Chapter 6 – Fill in the missing words in the paragraph: there are 12 common topics.
  •  Chapter 7 – Reading comprehension: Including 4 types of frequently asked questions.

With the content of the book divided into sections for exactly 7 parts of the TOEIC test, the book will help you become more familiar with the types of questions when starting to practice TOEIC. Thanks to the structure and variety of real exam questions, it is easy for you to pass the “SAMPLE” in the exam and more easily achieve the maximum score.

III. How to use the curriculum effectively
With the content of knowledge which has been codified according to real exam questions for each specific part, reviewing this course will be extremely simple if you:

  •  Take time to study each day according to the content of the lesson
  •  Self-study, self-practice with systematic exercises so that you can memorize longer
  •  Applying the knowledge and skills guided in the book in practice tests

IV. Download the beautiful TOEIC Analyst (PDF + AUDIO) book
Link download Toeic Analyst:
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