How to Choose the Best Swimsuit Color for All Skin Tones 

Are you a big fan of water sports and activities? If the answer is “yes”, then we are pretty sure that you are a big fan of swimsuits. While others spend time on choosing the best snickers, dresses, and shirts, you are probably spending your time the most on shopping and finding the best swimsuits for your needs.

Logically, the first thing you will look for is the most suitable shop that truly provides quality products. The good news is that many of them are already present online, and you can check here one of them and try to find out which products are the best ones for you.

Apart from the seller, you also want to know which materials are used for the creation of every product that you can find online. That’s why you should chase shops that properly explain the features of every swimsuit they offer throughout the product description.

If you want to hear our opinion, we suggest a polyester and elastane blend. These two materials are chlorine-resistant which automatically ensures the durability of each model that is made this way.

However, materials are not the only feature you are interested in. Esthetic, or, more precisely, the design part of the swimsuits is equally important to many individuals. Because of that, we would like to highlight some pieces of advice here as well.

We do not have the desire to teach you what is nice or what looks “ugly”. Instead of that, we would like to help you learn how to choose the best swimsuit color for your skin tone.

The pieces of advice below are something you should apply next time you visit some of the online stores that offer this type of product. Let’s find out those tips together!

Find Out Your Skin Tone


As you know, there are three skin colors in the world – black, white, and yellow. But, when we talk about tones, there are dozens of them that people are not even aware of.

Yes, we do know that you have probably heard about tones such as beige, ivory or ebony. But, they are not the only ones. Because of that, we suggest you find all the skin tones that exist and properly determine where exactly you fall.

Now, Think About the Undertones


Apart from the tones, you also need to pay attention to undertones. This piece of information will help you understand how exactly the natural skin reacts to different types of colors.

During the summer, when we are constantly exposed to the sunlight, our skin tone changes. But, the undertone does not ever change which is a crucial piece of information that you should gain before making the decision.

There is one misunderstanding (or disinformation, name it how you want) that dark skin is actually warm while fair skin is cool. This is far away from the truth, and it is impossible to generalize things that way. Just like with the tones, there are a bunch of undertones out there that people are not even aware of.

If you need help here, we suggest you use a few methods to determine your undertone. First of all, go under the sun and check how sunlight actually impacts your skin.

People that have warm undertones will burn and their skin will get rosy. On the other hand, if your skin gets tanned, then your tone is neutral, but if you tan immediately without burning, then your undertone is cool.

Wearing jewelry is also one of the methods that you can use. For example, people that wear gold and their skin somehow start to look warm, the undertones they have are, logically, warm. But, if silver looks like a better option and looks better around your neck, then your undertone is cold. Interesting tips, aren’t they?

Know Your Combination

Well, here comes the third part that is directly connected with the previous two. There is a good reason why we said you should determine precisely the tone and undertone of the skin. You will determine the precise combination that perfectly works for you. The combinations that you have are

  • Dark Cool
  • Dark Warm
  • Fair Cool
  • Fair Warm

Use all the pieces of advice that we shared in the previous part of the text, and find the combination. That piece of information will help you complete the next crucial step in the best possible way.

Determine the Right Color!


It is about time to make decisions. Generally, there is one general solution for everyone. Apart from that, we do not have the same tastes, right? But, something we would like to suggest to everyone is – the color of the swimsuit and undertone should contrast the skin tone.

This may seem confusing at first glance, but things are actually easy if you completed the previous steps properly. If you are still not sure what we just said, let us provide you with some additional tips that may help you choose the right color.

The first case we would like to analyze is that you have cool undertones and dark skins. One option that you have is a frosty off-white color. On the other hand, colors such as mint, lilac, and even aquamarine can the right choice. You will simply start to shine while wearing these combinations!

But, what if you have cool undertones, but fair skin? In that case, you should chase a bit more deep jewel tones. Some of them are magenta, sapphire, and emerald. Warm shades are something you should avoid!

The third option – Dark Skin and Warm Undertones This type of people should focus on the lift colors. For instance, cream and peach are great choices.

Our personal favorite is the baby pink cause, that way, you will manage to highlight the warm glow that you have. The contract we previously mentioned will be present and pretty visible!

In the end, the combination of warm undertones and fair skin works perfectly with light colors. But, this time, you should focus on the so-called saturated autumn colors. For instance, mango, coral, and auburn colors are perfect choices.

This is everything you should know about the entire purchasing process of swimsuits. Now that you know how to choose the right color, we hope you will make the purchase as soon as possible!