Cambridge IELTS Academic 15 Full Version + Audio CD [Free Download]

At the beginning of June, the hottest document in 2024 – IELTS Cambridge 15 was released. This is a quality resource that has been waiting for the IELTS learning community throughout 2024.

With the level of difficulty always with real exam, quality content, the Cambridge Cambridge IELTS test is still a reliable source for IELTS Learners. This is really a resource that is hard to ignore for you guys who are in the process of accelerating practice.

In today’s article, let’s take a look with Wiki Study English to review Cambridge 15 to see if there are any differences from the previous ones.

1, Introduction to the book series “IELTS Cambridge 15”

The Cambridge Press may have become too familiar with the IELTS classmates. With the very best IELTS training books that can be mentioned such as Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS, The official guide of Cambridge to IELTS, … and can not mention the legendary IELTS Cambridge.

Despite the fact that it has been published until the 15th book, the collection has always kept the heat because the more recently published books are closer to the actual exam papers with new and updated topics. IELTS Cambridge 15 promises to be the hottest set of documents in 2024

Like the previous Cambridge series, IELTS Cambridge 15 includes 4 Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading tests with detailed answers at the end of the book. This is very convenient for you to evaluate, correct and evaluate your ability compared to the standard Cambridge exam.

2, Review of the book “IELTS Cambridge 15”

Still quite similar to the previous series, IELTS Cambridge 15 has:

  • 4 Test Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking tests with the same difficulty level as the real exam questions. Following the correct structure of the Listening – Reading – Speaking – Writing test
  • At the end of the book, there are Audio Scripts for listening and Key Answers for other tests. The Writing section gives some answers from other candidates (band 6.0-7.0) with comments from the examiner.
  • Social issues and new trends are addressed in the Speaking and Writing sections
  • Answers complete sections, convenient for lookup and evaluation

3, Link to download FULL IELTS IELTS Cambridge 15 ANSWER – TEST – FILE AUDIO

Download IELTS Cambridge 15 PDF + ANSWERS + AUDIO

4, Instructions on how to study IELTS Cambridge 15 effectively

a, Listening Part
In IELTS Cambridge 14 there are 4 Test Listening, each test will have common types of Listening tests such as Form Completion (often appears in Section 1), Sentence Completion, Short Answer Questions, Labeling a Map / Diagram (Usually in sections 2, 3), Multiple Choice Questions (Usually in section 3), Table Completion, Pick From a List, Matching Information.

With the Listening test, you can refer to the following study method:

  • Step 1: You should know in advance the TIPS and how to do all kinds of Listening exercises to avoid losing points unfortunately.
  • Step 2: Stop the timer and take the test as the real exam, note that you should do it in quiet spaces.
  • Step 3: Only the answers should be checked, not Transcript, re-evaluate your results
  • Step 4: Try to listen to the sentences you got wrong, then review the Transcript to see where the error is. Notice the synonyms or how the paraphase questions appear in Listening. Often you miss these phrases, which leads to the wrong answers.

Listening tests are not just for practicing your listening, you can also use audio files to practice IELTS Speaking. Try to repeat the voice of the reader as closely as possible (Shadowing Method) and record it to see your progress. However, this method is more suitable for English-speaking students because most Audio is English. If you want to practice American English, you can refer to other sources such as VOA, Fox News, CNN, …

Shadowing is a pronunciation practice used by many people. And according to many IELTS learners, the correct pronunciation also improves your listening ability significantly if you really persevere.

b, IELTS Reading
With the IELTS Reading, you can refer to the following way:

  • Step 1: Master all the tips and tricks for each type in IELTS Reading to avoid losing famous points. Some popular forms of IELTS Reading include: Match Heading, Multiple Choice, …
  • Step 2: Press the clock to do the right exam time. Note to do in a quiet space.
  • Step 3: Mark, note down the phrases you often encounter in the IELTS questions. Pay special attention to synonyms

The important thing when taking the Reading test is the speed of the test. Many students take the IELTS Reading test due to a lack of reasonable time. So practice a lot to improve your reading speed.

Vocabulary is also a factor determining success of the Reading test. So, in parallel with learning to read, actively improve your vocabulary.

c, IELTS Speaking
For the Speaking test, remember to record your own speech to adjust the voice according to your preferences. Speaking practice in front of the mirror when practicing Speaking is also very good for you to adjust the speech and body language yourself.

It is better to have a partner to practice with. Having a good partner not only gives you suggestions, but also truly reflects your current level. And having a Speaking learner will help you not to get bored

As mentioned above, there is another way to practice speaking is to read the Listening exercises. This is a great way to learn pronunciation for those who want to practice Pronunciation.

d, IELTS Writing
Writing is a skill that many IELTS learners are having difficulty with. To write well you need determination and perseverance. Writing practice is not necessarily good results, you should pay attention to the quality of each article more.

And especially you need to find someone who can cure your problems, show you mistakes to learn from. That way you will progress faster.