Hackers TOEIC is known as a very good TOEIC book for learners to improve their English skills effectively. The book is written based on the practical requirements of the test and is suitable for all levels of learners.

I. Hackers TOEIC Listening

1. Who is this book for?
The book is designed for all TOEIC levels who are looking to improve their listening ability. This set of 2 books helps you to improve listening and reading skills at the same time to conquer the TOEIC series.

The book is compiled into each extremely detailed and specific learning pathway that helps you design your own appropriate route and not be too heavy on knowledge and the learning schedule is not too slow compared to the learning path of.

Hacker TOEIC Listening
Hacker TOEIC Listening

2. Content of the book
With the criterion that besides the knowledge of the language, the book also gives me practical ways and experiences to take the exam, so the book is divided into 4 parts sticking to 4 parts of the exam. Part 1,2,3,4.

+ Testing Points, Test-Taking strategies: This section gives an overview of the parts in question. In this section, author David Cho also shared more about the experience, general skills and even the most basic TIP to help me get high scores in the test.

+ Basic points for test taking: This section is the most important and noticeable content. It will give an explanation for choosing an answer, not just a simple answer but other books available today. In addition, learners are supplemented with a list of words that are often confusing in the Listening section, also known as the trap. There is even a list of idioms that are used in everyday communication by the author.

+ Achie Your Goal: This is the part that Hackers TOEIC Listening share clearly and fully all types of listening exercises for each part. Even the phrases of each type have been synthesized by the author, making it extremely easy to absorb them.

+ Power test: Finally, you can do general tests to evaluate the knowledge learned from previous sections.
In addition, the book also has 2 Actual Test and nearly 150 pages of essential vocabulary for TOEIC on topics such as economics, commerce, shopping, transportation, companies, contracts, emails …

3. How to learn this book?
First: You need to prepare yourself a notebook to record, note the suggestions on experience, skills and TIP from author David Cho

Step 2: Try to pay attention to the translations explaining the reasons for choosing the answers to discover your mistakes and fix them.

Step 3: Write down words that can easily be confusing to avoid “traps”

Finally: After reviewing the test, please take the time to take the test so that it is very accurate to check your knowledge.

II. TOEIC Reading Hacker

1. Content of the book
The other book in the Hackers TOEIC series is Hacker TOEIC Reading with 3 main parts that best summarize the things to keep in mind when practicing TOEIC reading.

Hacker TOEIC Reading
Hacker TOEIC Reading

+ Grammar: This section we will have 6 smaller sections with 22 grammar topics, presented in detail accompanied by specific types of exercises.

+ Vocabulary: We have 13 chapters with all the TOEIC specific vocabulary.

+ Reading: Finally, TOEIC Reading Hacker gives you skills and tactics while taking the TOEIC Reading test. You will have a complete inventory of the types of grammatical structures in Part 5 and the types of readings in Part 6, 7.

TOEIC Hackers is an extremely worthwhile collection when you are planning to study on your own TOEIC at home by the above characteristics. However, because the books are written in 100% English, it will be more suitable for those who persevere and like to translate books.

2. How to learn this book?

First: Wind up to conquer the 13 vocabulary chapters of TOEIC to understand the content in the next section.

Step 2: Study the 22 grammar topics in the book in turn to improve your level (do not hug too much)

Finally: Set goals that match your book schedule, don’t try to set goals too high.

➤ Link Download: Hacker TOEIC Reading + Listening + Audio

I wish you good study and conquer TOEIC as high as you want!

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