[PDF + Audio full] Free Download the IELTS Test builder 1 + 2

IELTS Testbuilder is a set of IELTS preparation materials for students who want to practice with the IELTS test set closest to the real test. This series has currently published 2 IELTS Test builders 1 and 2.

Book information
➨ Name: IELTS Testbuilder
➨ Author: Sam McCarter
➨ Content: Each book offers 4 tests close to the real exam
➨ Books for band members 4.0-5.0 or higher to practice, prepare for the exam

The IELTS Test builder is one of the books that bring your own test questions to practice at home, as well as to train yourself as effectively as other Cams.

Specifically, books bring:

  • An IELTS Test builder will have 4 tests on all 4 skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking. There should be a total of 8 tests for you to practice the problem yourself.
  • The exam papers are taken from real test or built on the form of the exam will be in the actual IELTS exam. Therefore, when doing the test sets in the IELTS Test builder, you will have a better understanding of the exam structure, summarizing the IELTS knowledge you have learned.
  • The special feature of the IELTS Test builder book is the detailed exam solution at the end of the book. It is very necessary for you to complete the test to compare your answers with your own mistakes and improve the best test skills.
  • Besides, the speaking and writing questions will be guided into the idea of ​​putting in the test so that it is best for each test.
  • This is a useful book for you guys a lot in the preparation process. Exams with specific skills and explanations help you gain access to the IELTS exam.


Set a clear timetable, practice one topic each day with your watch to practice. It is easy for you to put yourself in the position when you take the test to do the exercises according to the schedule.

The exercise book should be suitable for you from band 4-5 and above. If you have just started or do not know anything about IELTS, you can look through the structure of the test, get familiar with IELTS but do not try to solve the problem.

As for you already pretty good level, in the process you solve the problem, if the time is still not in time, do not rush to worry because the test is close to the real problem, not so easy.

Link to download book:

IELTS Test Builder 1: Download

IELTS Test Builder 2: Download