Doing Difficult Jobs vs. Doing Easy Work – TOEFL iBT Writing Topic


Some people like to do adventurous and difficult jobs at their work or school while others prefer to do easy work. Which do you prefer and why?

Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.


Some of my classmates always pick the easiest assignments possible. I dislike their approach. Instead, I am the kind of person who prefers doing adventurous and difficult work.

The first reason I feel this way is that adventurous or difficult assignments are more interesting. I simply cannot stand doing easy work. It is boring even though I can get an easy A+ doing it. However, difficult assignments keep me interested in a topic. For example, my math class is studying some high-level math right now. Many students are complaining about its difficulty, but I love it. It is fun trying to solve difficult math problems and figure out the answers. This makes school more interesting to me than it would be if I already knew all the answers.

I also enjoy doing things that challenge my abilities. I am competitive, so I like to know where I stand with regards to other students. If we are assigned easy work, almost everyone gets a perfect grade. We cannot compare ourselves this way. However, doing difficult work lets everyone know who the best is. That is a challenge I try to win. I love it when I get to compete against others to prove I am the best or almost the best. We recently had our school’s science fair. Some students did not bother trying, but I worked as hard as possible to make the most difficult project. It was a real challenge, but I did it. And the judges voted my project the best in the school. Winning made me feel great.

I highly prefer adventurous and difficult work to easy work. Difficult work is more interesting, and it lets me challenge myself. I feel that doing difficult work has made me a better student because of the extra work I have had to do.