The Most Difficult College Classes


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is better to take the most difficult and challenging classes in university or at college even if it means that you probably will not get top grades (marks) in them.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


Some college students take hard classes on purpose while knowing they will not get the best grades. I respect those people. In fact, it is better to take the most difficult and challenging classes in college even if it will not ensure the highest grades.

Students can learn much more in difficult and challenging classes. The point of college is to attain knowledge, not to get the best grades. Thus, students should expect to leave college better educated than when they entered school. Taking challenging classes can greatly contribute to this purpose. My cousin currently attends a university. He constantly takes the hardest classes he is qualified for. While he does not get straight A’s, he finishes every semester having learned an incredible amount. This is the admirable way to approach one’s education.

Furthermore, in the workplace, knowledge is more important than high grades. Once a person begins to work after graduating, grades are really not that important. Few future employers will ever ask or even care about that person’s college grades since they know from experience that grades do not correlate significantly with good performances. My parents have both changed jobs many times. However, it has been years since they have had to show anyone their college transcripts. Employers do not care about grades; they are interested in a person’s knowledge. And a person can get more knowledge by taking harder classes.

It is much better for college students to take the hardest classes even if their grades are not the best. They can gain more knowledge this way, and knowledge is much more important than high grades when they work. When I go to college, I will make sure every class I take is challenging.

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