Download Now Full Set “English Vocabulary in Use” – Vocabulary for all levels

ENGLISH VOCABULARY IN USE is a set of 4 classic books about vocabulary, not only for TOEIC learners but also for other certificates such as IELTS, TOEFL. Methods to attach vocabulary to images and diagrams ENGLISH VOCABULARY IN USE has helped learners memorize and synthesize large numbers of vocabulary effectively.


The book is divided into four books from basic to advanced, suitable for the following subjects:

  • English Vocabulary in use – Elementary: Books for students completely lost their roots
  • English Vocabulary in use – Pre – Intermediate & Intermediate: Book for students with basic foundations, goals 350 – 500 TOEIC
  • English Vocabulary in Use Upper-Intermediate: High academic vocabulary, suitable for your target 500 – 750 TOEIC
  • English Vocabulary in Use Advanced: Aiming at using words of native speakers, suitable for goals 750 – 990 TOEIC

The book with 4 levels from low to high, provides vocabulary on topics that are common in everyday life and has accompanying exercises to help students synthesize, memorize and use a large vocabulary. The special feature of this book is that high levels will help you to approach the usage of native speakers.


1. English Vocabulary In Use – Elementary

English Vocabulary In Use – Elementary  This is the first basic book as the name implies. Books provide you with:

➨ 60 lessons including 2000 basic vocabulary for beginners

➨ Familiar topics such as Weather, Animals, Food, and drink …

➨ Illustrative examples, sample sentences and practice exercises of contextual vocabulary words in the lesson

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2. English Vocabulary In Use – Pre-intermidiate & Intermidiate

English Vocabulary In Use – Pre-intermidiate & Intermidiate➨ 100 lessons, each lesson about 25 vocabulary

➨ The lessons on the left, explained on the right on a single page, are very convenient to look up

➨ List and guide to avoid mistakes of 200 common words / phrases of English learners

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3. English Vocabulary In Use – Upper – Intermidiate

English Vocabulary In Use – Upper - Intermidiate➨ 2000 words and phrases (intermediate) by topic

➨ Vocabulary is illustrated in each usage context, with applied exercises and answers

➨ Not only includes common vocabulary, the book expands on more academic vocabulary




4. English Vocabulary in Use Advanced

English Vocabulary in Use Advanced➨ 2000 vocabulary words in 100 lessons with explanations, examples and answers

➨ There is an appendix with words that are difficult to see in English

➨ Instructions on how to use vocabulary most like a native speaker

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The series is published and responsible by the University of Cambridge – the world’s second oldest English speaking university after Oxford. With detailed content, logic and also provides common vocabulary, academic vocabulary and commonly used words, this series is the “guideline” for vocabulary for English learners. Use this series regularly to improve your vocabulary effectively