Download The Complete Guide to Task 1 Writing by Phil Biggerton

How to write IELTS Writing Task 1 in a logical, complete, systematic and better way? The Complete Guide to Task 1 Writing by Phil Biggerton will be a document not to be missed when preparing for IELTS. Wiki Study English introduces this book below, you can download to learn gradually.

The Complete Guide to Task 1 Writing is a book written by Phil Biggerton with content related to writing short essays of the IELTS Writing Task part 1. The book helps learners improve their writing skills, self-idea, total scientifically, the specific interpretation is easier to understand. This book is suitable for beginners (basic) to those who want to study more advanced, expand the scope of the tough IELTS test so you can easily use it.

In the book, the author guides step by step from simple to advanced writing IELTS Writing Task 1. You will be familiar with how to write the correct structure, select information, avoid common mistakes. The articles are illustrated and analyzed by easy-to-understand diagrams such as bar charts, lines, tables, maps, etc.

Under the knowledge is an example with answers, very simple small exercises for you to study and practice on your own. In addition, the book offers helpful tips to help you avoid common mistakes on the test to help you get better grades.

Content IELTS The Complete Guide To Task 1 Writing:

Unit 1: Writing an introduction
Unit 2: Writing a general statement
Unit 3: Writing a body
Unit 4: Analyzing diagrams with a time period
Unit 5: Analyzing diagrams with no time period
Unit 6: Analyzing multiple diagrams
Unit 7: Processes
Unit 8: Cycles
Unit 9: Flow charts
Unit 10: Objects
Unit 11: Maps

Tip: To study best, you should buy hard copies at bookstores. The price of this book is not very expensive so a good pillow is also good!

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