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Improve Your IELTS is a famous book in the IELTS learning community, and is even considered to be the best document for those who want to practice IELTS at home.

A set of 3 books (Improve Your IELTS Listening and Speaking, Writing and Reading) written for those who want to reach the goal of 6.5 – 7.5 IELTS.

Now let’s explore the highlights of this book with Wiki Study English and assess whether it is right for you or not!

Evaluate in detail about Improve Your IELTS

★ Name of the book series: Improve Your IELTS

★ Author: Sam McCarter; Norman Whitby; Barry Cusack

★ Publisher: MACMILLAN

★ Total number of books: 3 books

★ Books suitable for: 5.5 – 6.0 IELTS and above

★ Content: Brings the system of complete lessons, helping learners to conquer the goals set in the book. Through this, you will improve your language skills and help learners to conquer higher IELTS scores.

★ Advantages: Addressing typical issues in the IELTS test through their lessons, helping learners master the knowledge and study more effectively.

★ Cons: The book is only suitable for those who have solid background knowledge, so beginners should not choose to use it!

★ Link to download the full set: At the end of the article you guys!

With the professional content in this series, the Wiki Study English team recommends that you should only approach this series when you have a good English background and have taken an IELTS test, aiming to get a band score of 7.5.

The highlight that helps distinguish this book from other IETLS exam preparation materials is that the author decided to uniquely combine the Listening and Speaking skills into 1 book, the other 2 skills into 2 different books. Thus, the author has pointed out to the learner the link between IELTS skills.

We will begin to go deeper and find out the content in each of these books everyone ^. ^

#first. Improve Your IELTS Writing skill

Improve Your IELTS Writing skill
Improve Your IELTS Writing skill

The book equips you with the best equipment to pass 2 papers in the IELTS Writing test. The content of the book is focused on very small details, but it greatly determines your score in the article.

The book has a total of 10 units, each unit will discuss how to write task 1 and task 2 with a variety of topics with many accompanying examples to help increase the grammar ability used in sentences and vocabulary of IELTS Writing.

For example, such as the knowledge of Comparing Information (How to compare information) in Task 1 or how to use Linking Word in the article, including the Developing ideas (developing ideas) in Task 2.

At the end of each lesson, there will be a Practice Test section to help you practice writing more firmly, then an Answer Key section to help you check your writing method.

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#2. Improve Your IELTS Reading Skill

Improve Your IELTS Reading Skill
Improve Your IELTS Reading Skill

Similar to Improve Your IELTS Writing Skill, this book includes 10 units focusing on practicing Reading methods in IELTS:

Each topic will provide a variety of vocabulary according to the common topics in the IELTS test such as Change and Consequences, the importance of the past, … help learners improve basic vocabulary and improve .
The question types of the test will also be practiced in books such as: True / False / Not Given, Filling the Missing Word, … Besides, the book also guides readers the skills of doing exercises such as: Scanning and Skimming, the Predict way, …
In addition, at the end of the lesson, there will be Practice section with full exam format in IELTS Reading.

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# 3. Improve Your IELTS Listening and Speaking Skills

Improve Your IELTS Listening & Speaking skills book
Improve Your IELTS Listening & Speaking skills book

This rare book systematically incorporates Listening and Speaking knowledge in a book. Listening and speaking exercises to help readers not only get bored with a skill, but also help learners apply Listening knowledge to Speaking and vice versa.

The book also has only 10 large units with common topics IELTS, in each unit will have the interleaving knowledge of Listening and Speaking:

With listening, the author directs learners to access the smallest skills in IELTS.
With speaking, learners will learn skills such as Discussion or Describe People that combine practice exercises with questions and provide detailed vocabulary.
In addition, at the end of the book, there is a Pronunciation section which is very useful in both Listening and Speaking skills.

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This is a valuable book to invest effort and time to study and research. Please take care to use every detail of the book, very useful for the journey to conquer IELTS 7.5!

Wish you all good study! <(^. ^)>