Intensive IELTS Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing Full Set [Reviews & PDF]

A complete set of 4 Intensive IELTS Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing books are very good documents to help build the original and prepare IELTS exam quickly.

In the following article, Wiki Study English will analyze and evaluate for you, the interesting points of this series. As well as how to use books most effectively. Stay tuned!

Details about the Intensive IELTS Set

★ Name of series: Intensive IELTS

★ Author: New Oriental Education & Technology Group

★ Publisher: Collection Tp. Ho Chi Minh

★ Usable band: 3.5 IELTS or above

★ Content: This series includes 4 books equivalent to 4 skills in the IELTS test, bringing the most core content and format to help you improve your skills in a short time.

★ Advantages: This book is divided into each skill, sticking to the knowledge of the test format in each IELTS test, so it will help you at the elementary level to easily learn and improve knowledge effectively.

★ Restrictions: The book is designed entirely in English, and the content focuses on the most essential parts so it is not suitable for beginners or lost root.

Before going into the in-depth analysis of each book in the series, Wiki Study English will give a few overview reviews!

Unlike the 4-skill book series such as Get Ready for IELTS, Collins for IELTS, or 15 Days for IELTSIntensive IELTS is more suitable for those who are going to take the IELTS exam, and are looking for a great set of documents. Help improve your skills in a short time.

The book is divided by skills, followed by practical knowledge, based on each type of IELTS test (such as Headings Match, Multiple Choices …). So you have elementary level or higher can easily get acquainted and study effectively.

For now, let’s go to the details of each book with Wiki Study English to see what is interesting ^. ^

#1. Intensive IELTS Listening book

Intensive IELTS Listening book
Intensive IELTS Listening book

The book is designed with a lesson structure divided into 4 chapters (from 1 to 4).

Gives learners 5 basic types of exercises regularly participating in IELTS Listening test (including Ticking and Table filling, Map Labeling, Short Answer, Matching and Multiple Choice). Help learners launch and conquer these types of lessons easily.

Comes with that, is the Tapescripts for each part, helps you practice listening to the listening method – copy spelling extremely effective.

And finally indispensable in every exercise book, is the Answer key section for you to check the answers and take note of your mistakes. (Because the PDF version can be a bit blurry, please zoom in to see the detailed answers.)

➤ Download link Intensive IELTS listening [Full PDF + Audio]: DOWNLOAD

#2. Intensive IELTS Reading

Intensive IELTS reading
Intensive IELTS reading

According to Wiki Study English’s assessment, Intensive IELTS Reading is a book that trains Reading and Understanding skills quite well.

The content structure of this book includes 6 parts, built scientifically and in detail so that learners can study IELTS by themselves at home. Understand and understand the structure of all forms of IELTS Reading, and improve your vocabulary and grammar.


  • Chapter 1: Introducing topics and common types of questions in the IELTS Reading test.
  • Chapter 2: This section helps you expand the vocabulary, grammar and organization of paragraphs in the text. Through that, guide you how to capture keywords and main ideas in each paragraph.
  • Chapter 3: Guide the steps and strategies to make the reading most effective.
  • Chapter 4: Apply the learned strategies to 6 types of practical exercises in the Reading – Understanding test (Finding out Main Ideas, Summary / Table / Process / Sentences Completion …).
  • Chapter 5: Practice with the Multiple Choice format (the most difficult form in the Reading – Comprehension test) There are 14 different topics that often appear on the Reading test.
  • Chapter 6: Answer keys (answers for exercises in the book). This is my favorite book, with answers that will help learners compare results easily.

➤ Link download Intensive IELTS Reading [PDF]: DOWNLOAD

# 3. Intensive IELTS Speaking

Intensive IELTS Speaking
Intensive IELTS Speaking


The book is divided into 4 parts, equivalent to 4 chapters. Simulate closely speaking the actual types of Speaking test in the IELTS exam. The author also offers a lot of reference questions according to each topic, with questions and suggested answers.

  • Chapter 1: Giving you an overview of the Speaking test, along with the evaluation criteria and grading for each Band.
  • Chapter 2: A guide to the preparation steps and some common mistakes that can make you lose points unfortunately.
  • Chapter 3: Go into details of each question format in Part 1, 2 & 3, and sample answers for you to learn how to answer and self-study effectively.
  • Chapter 4: Bringing up the vocabulary or the 26 topics commonly encountered in the IELTS exam, along with effective expressions to help students achieve high scores in this section.
  • Finally, a sample lesson for students to refer and practice at home.

➤ Link to download Intensive IELTS Speaking: DOWNLOAD

#4. Intensive IELTS Writing

Intensive IELTS Writing
Intensive IELTS Writing

According to Wiki Study English’s reviews, this is a great book for you to practice IELTS Writing, designed scientifically, in detail to help learners get acquainted and create a perfect article. The book includes 6 chapters with content including:

  • Chapter 1: Overview of Writing & Criteria for this section.
  • Chapter 2: Preparing guide and journey to have 1 article (Task 1 & Task 2) complete.
  • Chapter 3: Introducing basic writing styles & one of the common mistakes that make learners lose points.
  • Chapter 4: Provide you with conjunctions and specific examples of sentences.
  • Chapter 5: Analyzing the details of the Academic Writing format, under two main topics: Report Writing and Essay Writing, helps learners understand how to do and the step-by-step process to have a good writing.
  • Chapter 6: Finally, there will be a collection of some good IELTS Writing samples for your reference.

➤ Link download Intensive IELTS Writing: DOWNLOAD

Some notes for effective use of books

By reading this, you want to know how to acquire the knowledge in this book most effectively, right? Here are some tips from Aland for you. The rest depends on your efforts only.

#1. With Intensive IELTS Listening

  • You should read the test questions carefully before doing so as not to miss important requirements in the test.
  • If your listening skills are not good, you should start with the spelling method, along with the tapescripts at the end of the book to practice more.
  • Besides, you should also Take Note again keywords and new grammar structure that you do not know.
  • Should listen again 1-2 times to hear all the words that I did not hear clearly in the first listening. Do not listen while reading transcripts about it will reduce your listening speed.

#2. With Intensive IELTS Reading

  • You just need to focus on practicing according to the instructions inside the book about using vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure and the types of tests related to this test.
  • After finishing the test, take some time to compare the results and see where you are wrong and explain the reasons for the mistake to avoid making a second mistake.

# 3. With Intensive IELTS Writing

  • You should divide and practice carefully in each form of the writing test.
  • Practice writing regularly weekly: Once you have prepared all the necessary knowledge and skills in IELTS Writing, you need to maintain writing regularly. week). This will not only help you improve your writing skills, but will also help you not to forget the knowledge learned in this book.
  • Correct after completing the article: After finishing your writing, Aland recommends taking some time to double check some of the basic vocabulary and grammar errors in your writing. At the same time, review how the development and analysis of the article was really appropriate?

# 4. With Intensive IELTS Speaking
For the IELTS Speaking section, just learning the theory is not enough for you to master this skill, but you have to create your own practice environment after completing each part of this book. You should spend 30 minutes practicing every day.

  • From teaching you how to make the 3 types of IELTS Speaking test in the book, you can collect questions on common topics in the IELTS Speaking section to practice the skills of answering for these parts.
  • For each practice topic, you can find out more vocabulary groups and expressions for them. At the same time, you should also record your own speech and correct the mistakes that you make in that speech.
  • Besides, you can also find yourself a TEAM to practice together. This will help you feel more confident when communicating English with other people who can improve your speaking skills more easily.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, I have helped you understand more about the Intensive IELTS listening, reading, speaking and writing books! I wish you good study offline!