Exam Preparation Curriculum TOEFL – SSDG

TOEFL (pronounced toe -full or toffle ) stands for Test Of English as a Foreign Language . TOEFL is the Test of English proficiency (USA ) . This exam includes skills : listening, speaking , reading and writing . TOEFL evaluation skills to understand and use standard English by an American who has reached the level can be used at the university level . TOEFL score is often required for admission in most colleges and universities in the US . TOEFL score is valid for 2 years .


SSDG (STUDENT SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT GROUP) Created by software development group students , the curriculum includes:

– Grammar Review : With 56 topics Toefl grammar review , use tenses , sentence structure patterns , using kind words , the passive form of conditional sentence , accompanied wording implies assumption , considering how comparable , direct of indirect , confusing words … .

– Reading Comprehension : With 400 question test of comprehension Toefl split evenly in 10 tests across many different reading comprehension passages .

– Listening Test : With 250 questions TOEFL listening proficiency test is divided into the post and the appropriate section from easy to difficult .

– Practise Test : With 2 format is optional all Existing Test and Random Test with over 1,000 test questions are selected Toefl test .

– Toefl Essay : With more than 550 185 articles accompanying Essay Toefl Essay topic will surely help you a lot in the TOEFL exam .

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