TOEIC Exam Preparation Materials: Target TOEIC

Target TOEIC® – Upgrading TOEIC® Test-taking Skills is a TOEIC exam preparation material that helps test takers familiarize themselves with the latest exam forms and techniques during TOEIC preparation through 06 sample tests modeled after the test practice exam.

This book is one of the four famous TOEIC exam preparation books by Anna Taylor: Starter TOEIC, TOEIC Analyst, Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test and Upgrading TOEIC® Test-taking Skills.

This new edition is updated to be compatible with the recent changes of the TOEIC test, helping candidates build the best test skills. The TOEIC listening section is also updated with listening exercises recorded in both American and English accents.


1. Who is this book for?

This book is suitable for those of you who have a good average in grammar and vocabulary, aiming to reach 500 – 750+ TOEIC.

If you’ve learned from Starter TOEIC, this is the second book you need to conquer.

Target TOEIC is suitable as a “headboard” material for those who have mastered the tips and knowledge necessary to prepare for the TOEIC test.

2. Book content

This book gives learners the opportunity to improve their TOEIC test skills as well as confidence through 6 sample exam papers. Including 12 lessons and a test and support.

Each exercise in the book includes a section that provides and reinforces vocabulary; a clear grammar instruction section; Grammar exercises and a small test (Mini Test)

The Answer Key of the book is very helpful. It not only gives answers and scoring guides, but also details the mistakes, “traps” that you often encounter in the exam questions and tips for identifying grammar in the question, from which you find out. correct answer.

Besides, the practice section of Listening part in this Target TOEIC is also very important. You can spend more time on this section than Reading if you really need it.

3. How to use this book

To get the most out of studying with this book, you need:

► Set a time of 75 minutes for the reading section and 45 minutes for the listening section.

► After you finish, you need to check the answers you made with the answers at the end of the book to mark

► Review the sentences you made wrong, find out the error details for longer memorization

► Gradually, you will recognize which skill you are weak, and will spend more time on that skill.

4. Link to download Target TOEIC book (PDF + AUDIO)

► Link to download books (PDF): CLICK HERE

► Audio CD download link: CLICK HERE

This is an essential TOEIC test preparation kit not only for those wishing to study and take the TOEIC exam to find higher study mechanics or career advancement, but also useful for those who want to improve your English level.

WIKI STUDY ENGLISH hope that after completing 6 full tests of this book, you will improve in your level and score when taking the real test.